Ram BOP has single, double and multiple ram type BOP, and is mainly used in drilling, workover and formation-testing services. It can prevent the wellhole flow from overflowing or blowouting effectively. The design and manufacture of the Ram BOP complies requirements of API Spec 16A and GB/T20174 completely. Features and benefits are as follows:

Pack off the annular space between drill string and wellbore;

Can seal the well head completely by blind ram;

Can shear the drill pipe by shearing ram;

Can pack off and hang the drill string;

Can be controled by manual and hydraulic.


Nominal diameter: 7-1/16″ ~ 21-1/4″

Working pressure: 2,000 ~ 15,000 PSI

Working temperature: T-0,T-20,T-75

Working medium: petroleum, natural gas, mud, gas

containing H2S and CO2