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KERUI Petroleum & Gas is an international comprehensive industrial group committed to making the extraction of oil and gas more efficient, providing customers one-stop solutions including R&D of high-end oil and gas equipment, oil and gas energy engineering and oil field integration services, industry + internet platform services. Taking the full advantages of equipment, technology, services, talents and platforms, and multi-field business models development, KERUI Petroleum & Gas is upgrading from solutions providing to a win-win eco-industrial chain.

corporate culture

KERUI Petroleum & Gas is insisting on customer-based, talent-oriented, and committing ourselves to make the extraction of oil and gas more efficient. With years’ accumulating, we precipitate the unique corporate culture of Kerui Petroleum & Gas.


Kerui Petroleum & Gas has established quality, environment, occupational health and safety management systems in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, obtained the right to use API monogram for petroleum equipments and the qualification certification for international petroleum project operation issued by the Ministry of Commerce of PRC, is China’s most advanced private petroleum equipment and technological service enterprise for international operation, and is the first enterprise in China who built a high-end petroleum equipment industrial park with an integrated industrial chain.

    • API-ISO9001

    • API Q1

    • API-11E

    • API 7K

    • API-8C

    • API- 4F


    API Q1


    API 7K


    API- 4F


    Kerui Petroleum & Gas has established 16 technological development centers in its headquarter, Beijing,Singapore, Houston, Calgary, etc., and its technical personnel account for 50% of the total employees. The Group now has branches, subsidiaries, technological service stations, and parts warehouses in 57 countries around the world, with the employee localization rate of these overseas branches exceeding 60%. The Group owns more than 100 oilfield service teams across the world