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Kerui Innovates in Coo New Model of High-End Petroleum Equipment and Gains 120 Million Dollars of Drillin...

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120 million dollars and 6 sets of 1500HP drilling machines order signed between Kerui and Kuwait client entered into production-manufacturing process in the middle of July. Journalist found on the site that, 2 of the 6 drilling machines had preliminary rudiment. Welding and assembly of derrick was finished and parts such as solid control system, winch and driller control system were under production. Kerui staff who is familiar with the project introduced that, above project was signed and executed successfully, as the client thought highly of Kerui’s total cost control scheme which could bring high-value and unique COO (reduction of exploration cost, development and production cost and operation cost) and help client to be successful. On the other hand, under the “One Belt and One Road” grand strategy background, Kerui’s close cooperation with Kuwait and even Middle East clients conforms to national development strategy and it is also the direction for Kerui to practice national strategy.

Under industry recession background in 2015, customer requirement focuses on cost control and oil deposit mining earning cost performance. Kerui’s original COO scheme can solve customer’s cost problems in technology application, equipment manufacturing and procurement and training, project management and control and production supervision as well as cost problems of equipment operation service in later period. This is popular with global market including Kuwait customers. After practical cooperation, customer thinks that Kerui has become total cost control expert in the industry. 

At the same time, with deepened implementation of “One Belt and One Road” strategy, Chinese enterprises follow the government to go west. Based on their practices, they cooperate closely with countries along “One Belt and One Road” line through capacity transfer, technical cooperation and business trade. Kerui signs strategic cooperation agreement with countries in Pan-Russia area, Middle East and Africa and gains many substantial progresses. This time, Kerui signs 120 million dollars of drilling machine order with Kuwait clients and it is one of the specific practices of Kerui to implement “One Belt and One Road” strategy.

In terms of Kuwait drilling machine project, related person in charge introduced that, client thought a great deal of cost and product cost performance and Kerui considered client requirement. Based on COO, Kerui ensured product quality and provided the most valuable product manufacture scheme for clients. The whole product including accessories and master control system adopted advanced technology, which both solved cost problem and made an excellent production manufacturing.

In fact, compared with other enterprises in the same industry, another important advantage of Kerui is later period operation maintenance and service, which is also the important constituent part of COO scheme; Kerui provides training for client’s personnel in key position for free and provides personnel support in key technology application level at any time. Kerui establishes sales braches and 33 after-sale service stations in 57 countries in the world and starts “one hundred stations” plan in the whole world in 2015. In the area where a station lies, Kerui personnel can respond within 8 hours and reach within 24 hours. Thousands of technical engineers can provide all-weather consultation and service in the world. 

As a country along “One Belt and One Road” line, Kuwait has abundant petroleum resources and it is one of the energy highlands in the world. It plans to increase production by 25% in 2016. As leader of comprehensive solution for oil fields in the world and practitioner of “One Belt and One Road” strategy in China, Kerui pays high attention to business expansion in Kuwait market. It strengthens strategic cooperation relations with Kuwait clients, helps clients to solve problems related to oil and gas development and production and promotes strategic mutual trust between countries and between enterprises. These are Kerui’s keys to success and it must promote Kerui to gain greater achievements in future development road.