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Recently, security qualifications examined and certified the Colombian Society for Industrial Security Organization (RUC), and Corey oil with a score of 93 points followed by Schlumberger and Halliburton are two well-known international oil companies, won the RUC certification for continued deep in the Colombian market and lay a solid foundation for the South American market.

RUC certification is safety assessment by the Colombian Society for Industrial Security for all in the country engaged in the construction of the oil industry, oil companies and service companies is for each contract and contractor safety management were always evaluated fully reflects the company-trial safety management level, but also the important oil companies bidding and bid evaluation criteria for each service company, which is the result of the supplier selection has a veto. In the global appeal to energy security and environmental protection mining background, RUC report card is very important.

According to Corey nitrogen Colombian oil services team leader Li Dayong introduced in the last day RUC review, the review team of Corey petroleum oil service parts warehouse construction site and the safety of facilities and a variety of safety management system has been scrutinized and around engineering technology, QHSE management, procedures, equipment maintenance and contingency plans and other aspects of the project manager, QHSE management personnel, operating personnel carefully inquired. Eventually, RUC inspector gave high evaluation Corey petroleum and petroleum emphasized Corey construction site safety and environmental protection, parts warehouse clean and tidy.

Li Dayong said that the RUC evaluated by the review team's score, he was not surprised. As early as 2014 certification RUC review period, Corey oil on the "zero accidents construction, completion of construction 275 wells, with a total injection of steam 258,981,812.22 SCF, note the amount of foam 81 tons, the cumulative increase of more than 7,000 barrels of crude oil," the results obtained Party awarded the "Outstanding Service Provider 2014" certificate. In addition to the attractive economic and environmental benefits of upgrading oil for Corey add color. Relatively conventional water flooding, and CO2 flooding, nitrogen flooding have security and stability, efficient low-cost advantage, while significantly reducing the impact on the formation of oil service operations. Secondly, the way Corey petroleum membrane separation nitrogen, separation of nitrogen directly from the air and avoid the waste produced by conventional cryogenic nitrogen to achieve a nitrogen obtain zero pollution.

 Li Dayong talking about Corey score through review of the RUC, the score thanks to advanced technology and equipment to support Kerui Petroleum and international talent team support and national policies.

 "Equipment first" oil and gas industry is very obvious characteristics of advanced oil services technology requires advanced equipment to do support. Corey oil as the world's largest nitrogen system applications and services provider, with more than ten years deep accumulation related fields of advanced technology and superior equipment R & D and manufacturing experience, in 14 years of record prior to the developed 50MPa nitrogen equipment, become the industry's first ultra-high pressure nitrogen occupy the commanding heights of business equipment production. Construction jobs problem that the device can further enhance the overall recovery of oil and gas fields, and can effectively solve the deep discharge, gas-lift drain start high pressure, ultra-deep low-pressure reservoirs can not be self-draining and other conventional spray equipment is impossible or difficult to solve, On this basis, in March this year launched Kerui Petroleum and innovative electric drive 1000 square 50MPa nitrogen pressurized equipment. Compared with conventional gas drive, electric drive more responsive to the development of energy and environmental protection requirements for nitrogen service equipment. Mastery and application of a series of core technology, the Kerui Petroleum occupy the market opportunities nitrogen systems applications and services.

On the other hand, as the highest degree of internationalization of Chinese oil and gas companies, Kerui Petroleum owns 57 subsidiaries and offices worldwide, the localization rate of more than 50% of employees, foreign employees of Corey soil and spread the oil to break Plough play an extremely important role. The RUC review, the review mission for the construction site pollution control and safe operation of oil and other issues Corey foreign employees were focused inquiry, Corey oil expatriates professional oil service technology and good professional qualities to get a point of the review team Thumbs up.

In addition, as China's "going out" policy to further deepen, Chinese enterprises have grown more fertile soil in the country. February 2, Colombian Foreign Minister Holguin in Costa Rica established diplomatic relations 35 anniversary cocktail party said it would continue to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation with China in various fields such as trade, etc., to promote relations between Colombia and pull-depth development, this is the Brother Hua prices gospel. Corey oil will seize the historic opportunity to review the RUC as an opportunity, with advanced technology, useful products, quality service to assist in the rapid development of trade and economic harmony pull.