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“Light of Quality” - Annual Charming Brands released Kerui Petroleum takes industrial lead

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  On December 28, 2015, 2015 “Light of Quality” Annual Quality Awards Ceremony was held in the Great Hall of the People with over 300 representatives from General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, Certification and Accreditation Administration, National Standardization Technical Committee, local governments, enterprises, technical institutions and media present. As the only oil and gas energy enterprise winning the title of “Light of Quality” - Annual Charming Brand, Kerui Petroleum shared the reputation together with ten famous enterprises including Huawei, Lenovo, Wahaha, Mengniu and Tong Ren Tang.  “Light of Quality” is the a public quality event initiated by China Quality Daily in 2015, which, upholding the mission statement of “looking into the quality from the point of the society and looking into the society from the point of the quality”, has developed into a professional event brand with strongest interaction, widest participation and increasing social attention in national quality area through previous 3 sessions’ accumulation. In the “Light of Quality” Event for 2015, seven awards were set up, namely Annual Quality Event (People), Quality Charm City (District), Quality Model Enterprise, Annual Charming Brands, Superior Technical Institutions, Annual Quality Inspection Innovation and Annual Quality News. Through network and WeChat voting systems, totally 440,000 effective votes were collected and all awards finally went to right winners. Amongst all, the title Annual Charming Brands with market share, user satisfaction, quality and social responsibility as evaluation criteria become the social focus, and Kerui Petroleum, as the only annual charming brand involved in oil and gas energy and the only one in heavy industry, become the focus of focus. 

  Following 15 years’ development since establishment in 2001, Kerui Petroleum has developed into a comprehensive industrial group integrating R&D and manufacturing of high-end petroleum equipment, integrated engineering and technological service for oilfield, oilfield EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) and covering the entire industrial chain including oil and gas exploration, drilling and development, enhancement and collection and transportation. Kerui Petroleum has set up subsidiaries, technical service station and part and accessory warehouses in 57 countries around the globe with over 50% of employee localization. “Building masterpieces satisfying customers“ is the key for Kerui Petroleum to transform from squirrelfish to flying dragon and also the reason why it wins the title Light of Quality – Annual Charming Brands.  According to relevant responsible persons of Kerui Petroleum, Kerui Petroleum set up the quality concept of “Quality is the lifeline of an enterprise” when it is established and strictly controlled technology, processes, manufacturing and after-sales to guarantee the quality. At the level of technology, Kerui Petroleum has established more than 10 product technology research and development centers in many regions such as USA, Canada and Singapore through own research and development, collaboration among industry, academic and research and enterprise combination, and also fully optimized and upgraded its products by absorbing global science and technology. At the level of production and manufacturing, Kerui Petroleum has, in accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, established and perfected quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management systems, based on which all production activities are carried out. Kerui Petroleum does not restrict its concept of “Building masterpieces” in product quality itself, but based on customers’ actual demands, integrates all-round advantageous resources such as technology, logistic, financing and channel, thereby customizing a comprehensive premium solution for customers rooted in quality product and equipped with high value-added service. In December 2015, Kerui Petroleum successfully delivered the first domestic 3000HP integrated smart desert quick-moving rig which, based on actual demand, conducted technological creation and integration innovation by combining resource advantage and industrial development trend, and was featured by smart remote control, high-level integration and automation, including automatic connection and drain-down of drilling pipe and possibility of 9000m ultra-deep exploration in any geological environment. In addition to offering quality equipment, Kerui Petroleum also provides customers with supporting value-added service, such as field operation training and digital drilling simulation system training, thus winning praise from customers.  At the same time, relevant responsible persons of Kerui Petroleum indicated that given that difference between brand building of heavy industrial product and quick consumer goods, small oil and gas sector, and rationality of customers’ purchase, the word of mouth of a customer is a useful tool for brand promotion and is composed of every quality equipment and service. Kerui Petroleum cherishes every opportunity to cooperate with every customer. At present, Kerui Petroleum has established close partnership with 220+ petroleum companies and 350+ oilfield engineering and service companies from 80+ countries and regions and built the brand label of “High quality” and “high-level intelligence” for Chinese oil and gas energy enterprises in international market through actual actions. The award “Annual Charming Brand” is not only the recognition of the government towards Kerui’s consistent quality, but also collects a great “Like” for Chinese oil and gas energy sector. 

  During the ceremony, Mr. MEI Kebao, deputy director and vice party secretary of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine indicated that The “Light of Quality” Awarding Ceremony today was not the end but a new starting point and gas station. By making a honor stride, Kerui Petroleum will stand on the historic interconnection formed through new round of sci-tech revolution and industrial changes and speeding up of economic development patterns, and strengthen the base, focus on customers and enhance the innovation, thereby breaking through the development dilemma by virtue of “Made in China 2025”.