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Honorary Certificate of 2015 Top 500 Chinese Private Foreign Trade Enterprises

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Recently, at The 6th China Top 500 Foreign Trade Enterprises Forum co-organized by authoritative agencies including Statistical Society for Foreign Economic Relations and Trade of China, for the fifth year, Kerui Petroleum has been listed among Top 500 Chinese private foreign trade enterprises. This is a substantial achievement that Kerui Petroleum has made with the mission of being a global leader in oil and gas comprehensive solutions by upholding the international strategy and global thinking. 

In order to reflect the development of Chinese private foreign trade enterprises, a ranking list of Top 500 Chinese Private Foreign Trade Enterprises has been added since 2011 on the basis of Top 500 Chinese Foreign Trade Enterprises produced by the former Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. The list showcases the most powerful enterprises in import and export in recent years and their performances, thereby playing a positive role in promoting Chinese import and export enterprises and supporting them in participating in international competition. Since 2011 when Kerui Petroleum was included in the list for the first time, it has jumped to the 161st place. The idea of international strategy and global operations has been the strategic guideline for Kerui Petroleum to achieve rapid development, continuously increasing the total international trade volume, strengthening its international competitiveness and improving its brand image. With the branch in Kazakhstan being the starting point in 2008, Kerui Petroleum has begun to take a step toward global development. By means of large import and export volume, strong power of global resources integration, cutting-edge capacity in technological research and development, reliable product quality and high-level customer recognition, Kerui Petroleum has finally become one of Top 500 Chinese private foreign trade enterprises.