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KERUI Group Launches New desert truck-mounted workover rig

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DONGYING, China--(Business Wire)--Recently, a new desert truck-mounted workover rig integrating industrial design concepts were completed by KERUI Group’s Dongying drilling equipment production base. The workoverrig is customized for a client in desert areas of North Africa, featuring high mobility, high degree of integration andhigh adaptability to different environments and catering toworkover operations at a depth ofbelow 8,000m. The equipment has been optimized in terms structure, control and appearance, discarding the rigid look and awkward experience of the traditional oil and gas equipment.With an optimized structure and a customupgraded chassis, it shortens the relocation time by 1/4, greatly reducing costs for customers and turning over a new leaf in industrial design of oil and gas equipment.

KERUI Group revealed that as deserts are widespread in North Africa, it usually takes longer to relocate the equipment. To address the challenge faced by the client, KERUI Group pioneering connected the platform and its legs usinghinges instead of plugs, so the entire workover platform can be transported by the vehicle without disassembling. Meanwhile, KERUI Group’s R&D team optimized the structure and counterweight of theworkover platform based on its load requirements to reduce the weight of the platform by 30%. Theimproved structured module integrationand the weight control paved the way for the mobility of the entire platform. Besides, the customized chassis uses professional desert tires with a diameter of 1.83m and a 10 × 10 full-drive control, with the height of the vehicle increased to 2.2m, the width to 3.32m, and the minimum height of 0.6m from the ground.It can easily cope with the harsh desert climate, roads, and working conditions,and has been regarded as the SUV ofvehicle-mounted rigs by the industry experts.

Apart from ensuring good off-road performance and relocation cost control, the equipment is also equipped with electrical components, drive system sealing, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil that works well under temperatures from -19℃to 55℃, so as to address the challenges of storms and large temperature differences in the desert. The filters, such as the air filter, the fuel filter and the water cycle filter, are all specially designed for the desert, while the radiatorsof the power units and the motor can also adapt to the hot and stormy climate.These high-standard components will guarantee a smooth and efficient operation of the equipment.

In addition to the extraordinaryfunctionality, the product is also human-oriented. In the process of customized R&D, revolutionary breakthroughs were made in terms of industrial design, reflecting KERUI Group’s brand image of "openness, innovation and responsibility". The body of the vehicle is both tough and dynamic, representing a strong force to conquer the desert; the cab, the engine hoods and the vehicle-mounted equipment streamlined adopt a streamlined design to improve the convenience of operation and driving safty; while the unified color of the body and the 3D-printed KERUI Group LOGO highlight the high-end techniques and quality in every detail.

The gorgeous resultcannot have been achieved without explorations at the early stage. Industrial design is inevitable for the transformation and upgrade of the manufacturing industry, soKERUIGroup has set up a an industrial design institute, whichteamed up with China University of Petroleum (East China) to organize the Global Petroleum Equipment Design Contest for Post-Graduates, in order to accelerate the commercialization of scientific research findings and identify and hire high-level industrial designers. Meanwhile, it also actively collaborated withscientific research institutions and suppliers to enhance the industrial design capability and drive the overall upgrade of the products in terms of both functionality and performance.

With the oil prices staying at a low level, the increased competition has accelerated the upgrade of the oil and gas industry. KERUI Group looks to meet the customers’ needs and create more value for them with itsstrong product development and manufacturing capability and sophisticated industrial design, while continuing enhance its competitive advantage and strengthen its position in the global oil and gas equipment sector.



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