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Kerui Petroleum Launches New Products at cippe 2016

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BEIJING--(Business Wire)—KERUI PETROLEUM held its Spring New Product Launch Event 2016 with the theme of “Wisdom Controls Cost, Innovation Leads Future” in its booth at the 16th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe 2016), gathering a dozen of the company’s oil technology experts from US, Singapore, Italy, France and China to present a great surprise for the oil and gas industry.

Independently developed by KERUI PETROLEUM, the new products are divided into three categories, namely "high-end three-wells-in-one-slot wellheads", "integrated MultiMove drilling rigs" and "lateral jetting services". Representing breakthroughs in performance, quality of operation and smart innovation and with the ability to cut costs in terms of labor, time and price, the new products gained unanimous praise of the guests.

As one of the world's top four oil and gas exhibitions, cippe 2016 covering an exhibition area of 100,000m2 attracted 2,000 exhibitors from 65 countries and regions. Under the low oil prices, how are the global oil companies carrying on and addressing the challenges? -- The answer may have been revealed at the exhibition, which explains why it became a global focus.


High-end wellheads pave way for offshore ambition.

Wang Weiming, KERUI PETROLEUM’s Chief Wellhead Equipment Expert from Singapore, has been engaged in wellhead R&D for over 30 years, and he is the chief designer of the world’s first three-wells-in-one-slot wellhead.  An innovative masterpiece developed by KERUI PETROLEUM’s wellhead R&D center in Singapore, Mr. Wang will be presenting the new three-wells-in-one-slot wellhead, designed for offshore drilling platforms.  As the equipment is highly modularized and integrated, the compactly-designed wellhead, in a group of two to three installed in a single conductor, is capable of performing independent drilling and completions operations simultaneously, and also maximizing the utilization of the space on the platform. Besides, with the more simplified interior locking features of the hanger with a sealing mechanism, and fast locking docks design and the inherent modular design reduces the number of bolts by 20%, the equipment is much easier to operate. Meanwhile, the modular wellhead and BOP design reduces the risks during drilling and saves time and operational costs by over 20%. Most importantly, the successful development of this equipment marks the beginning of KERUI PETROLEUM’s stride into the offshore sector.

Smart upgrade of rigs adds to the possibility of unmanned drilling operation.

"'Integrated MultiMove drilling rigs' are a milestone on the road to unmanned wellhead operation," said Xu Yimin, Chief Engineer of KERUI PETROLEUM’s Oil Drilling Equipment Division. The integrated MultiMove drilling rigs are designed for the development of oil resources at a depth of over 5,000 meters in deserts. Equipped with KERUI PETROLEUM’s own pipeline system (including the power catwalk and power mousehole system and the automatic pipe handling system), the smart and innovative equipment can be remote controlled by one operator, compared to four operators’ on-site control previously, which is safe and efficient, with labor costs reduced as well.

Furthermore, the equipment has integrated the nearly twenty small modules of conventional drilling rigs into three substructure modules and four derrick modules, reducing the number of modules by nearly two-thirds and cutting the relocation time by 50%, while greatly improving its geographic tolerance. The design of top drive control and integrated electronic control also helps lower the manufacturing and operating costs and greatly improves user experience.

Lateral jetting services take the lead backed by strong capability. 

According to Mike Stone, an American with nearly 20 years of experience in lateral jetting services and General Manager of KERUI PETROLEUM’s Lateral Jetting Company (Welljet), KERUI PETROLEUM has integrated the R&D and manufacturing of lateral jetting equipment and downhole tools, and lateral jetting services. With a complete set of laboratory technologies and 13 lateral jetting technology patents, the company has developed the world's first swirling jet nozzle for lateral jetting and associated downhole tools. With a rotational speed of 18000rpm, the nozzle can effectively get rid of the geological formation restrictions and improve its directional property to be 500-700 times more efficient than conventional nozzles. Meanwhile, it also offers a solution to hard formations such as limestone, dolomite formation and coal bed containing methane.

In terms of equipment, KERUI PETROLEUM has independently developed its patented lateral jetting equipment with high-pressure piston pumps boasting a maximum pressure of 20000psi and advanced data acquisition systems to monitor and record operation data in real time, so as to ensure safety and boost efficiency. Compared with its competitors, this equipment holds an absolutely leading position, at least seven or eight years ahead of its time.

As the world’s leading provider of integrated oilfield solutions, KERUI PETROLEUM has been completing its global technology R&D system and increasing R&D investment in pursuit of smart manufacturing, so as to help its clients cut costs, improve efficiency, and enhance competitive advantages.