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Kerui Petroleum Delivers World First Data Blender Truck

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Kerui Petroleum, a leading provider of global oil & gas comprehensive solutions, delivers the independently developed world first data blender truck to its client. Having integrated and optimized all functions of both data van and blender truck, this multifunctional creation makes it possible for client to reduce the set of fracturing equipment from four types of trucks (fracturing truck, manifold truck, blender truck and data van) to three (fracturing truck, manifold truck, blender & data van), saving up to 2 million dollars of potential procurement cost for clients. In addition, this new truck also demonstrates excellent efficiency in increasing working performance & quality, and in simplifying operations, and is another productivity product after triple string wellhead and modular fast-move drilling rig unveiled in 2016.

Global oil price has been fluctuating at lower level since 2014, and the drastically shrunk market volume fueled the competition in oil-gas industry to an unprecedented level. To survive in this competition largely depends on the corporation’s hard power. As a global leading provider of oil & gas comprehensive solutions, Kerui Petroleum practice the philosophy of “technology leads the future, service creates value”, actively builds global R&D system, transforms customer demand into research achievement, and realize self-value through helping clients sustain each success. The world first data blender truck is just the product resulting from low oil price and demanded by the oil-gas equipment industry. It achieves a win-win for both the company and the clients, and paves a new development model for the oil-gas equipment industry in the low-oil-price era.

Innovation Reduces Costs

While a company can control the costs in a scientific way through technological and managerial innovation, squeezing on profits only diminishes a company. The data blender truck is just the new product that demonstrates Kerui Petroleum’s effort in cost management.

According to the project manager, one revolutionary feature of this truck is that it does not only perfectly combine the functions of data van & blender truck, but also maintains its price at somewhat a blending truck costs. As such, the cost on the transportation and staff can also be reduced. Due to its highly cost-effectiveness, the data blender truck has already win endorsement from a number of global customers.

Technology boosts working performance

The discharge capacity of this data blender truck is 40 barrels per minute. The lower the discharge capacity is, the more sophisticated the sand conveying system is expected to be, because when the discharge capacity is low, the rotate speed of sand conveyer has also to be low. This low rotate speed will cause the hydraulic motor to crawl so that the sand conveying process can’t be conducted continuously. As a result, the quality of fracturing can’t be guaranteed. Facing this longstanding difficulty, Kerui Petroleum re-designed the structure of the sand conveyer by reducing the diameter from 12 inches to 8 inches, changing the hydraulic motor, so as to ensure the stable operation in low rotate speed. This improvement has broken the bottleneck in the development of blender equipment, and marks the advent of low capacity era.

In addition, the blender system has also been greatly improved, in which the top-bottom double-vane blender replaces the conventional single-vane blender at the bottom. The top-side blending solves the problem that the chemical powder additives might float on the liquid and can’t be blended into blend liquid. Since the top blender reduces the dependency to the bottom blender, the bottom blender can move to an even lower position which in turn improves the blending effect on the bottom. This innovation solves the problem of sand-gathering on the bottom and saves the step to manually clean the bottom, thus greatly increases the working efficiency.

Structure brings convenience

According to the project manager, by adopting and optimizing the trailer-style structure, they not only increase the convenience and comfort of the truck, but also greatly free the truck space.

The control room of the data blender truck can be up to 6 square meters, where blender control and measuring control can be achieved simultaneously without feeling squeezed. The control room is in a rectangular shape with enough space at one side for workers to walk on and do routine inspection. Meanwhile, the power system is moved to the gooseneck, which significantly reduces the noise and vibration, and improves the working environment. In addition, the discharge centrifugal pump, which is a vulnerable part in the truck, needs to be maintained and changed regularly before every task. In the past, the discharge centrifugal pump was often placed under the control room due to the narrow working platform. As a result the engineer had to slip under the truck body every time to do the maintenance. This process was extremely inconvenient, especially when the pump needed to be changed and one had to disconnect the control room and hoist out the pump with a crane. The re-structured Data Blender truck, with the pump placed at one side of the body, makes the maintenance and changing easy and saves the time for clients.

The rise and fall of oil price depend on and reflect the market. In the new norm of low oil price, Kerui Petroleum has always been consolidating its strength, keeping sensitive to market demand, and encouraging innovation. The revolutionary Data Blender truck opens up a new way for the oil-gas industry in the adverse low-oil-price era. Looking ahead, the oil depression will continue at least in a short term. However, the excellent oil company will never be frozen up, instead it will stand out and be stronger. We hope more and more oil companies can grasp this historical opportunity, and break the ice-blocked oil industry and create a better future for world energy, with comprehensive innovation and integration in equipment, technologies and services.