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Derrick-Style Coiled Tubing TruckDeveloped by Kerui Petroleum to help cost reducing and efficiency increa...

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YINGKOU, China--(Business Wire)--Kerui Petroleum, a leading provider of global oil & gas comprehensive solutions, proudly announced that its R&D Center for Oil & Gas Stimulation Equipment in Canada recently unveiled the newly-developed derrick-style coiled tubing truck. With a pre-installed derrick is the equipment’s main feature,no need to use a crane to hoist the injection head any more, saving 70% of the preparation time compared with the conventional coiled tubingunits as well as saving a great amount of crane rental cost every year. Since the oil and gas industry now highly values cost-efficiency, this innovative equipment arousedwide attention in the oil industry upon its release.

“Normally, a crane is necessaryto assist thecoiled tubingunit during the operation, which not only increases preparation time and operation cost, but also brings potential safety hazard.” Mr. Yao, product manager of Kerui Petroleum, said.“In order to solvethis problem, Kerui R&D Center for Oil & Gas Stimulation Equipment in Canada underwent a round of technical research and development and came up with this perfect solution: a truck mounted with coiled tubing unit and segmental derrick. It not only saves the cost for buying or renting a crane but also cuts the preparation time from 3-4 hours to 30-60 minutes. In addition, it takes only 2-3 persons to operate. This solution saves costs, time and labors for customers.”

This equipment adopts modularizeddesign to improve agility. The main truck consists of five modules including chassis, hydraulic power system, oil tube, roller and coil tubing reel. The derrick truckconsisting of derrick, injection head, bop system and power unit, comes with an independent hydraulic power system, allowing seamless connection with customers’ existing coiled tubing units to assist conducting operation.

Havingconsidered the complex geographical conditionsand atrociousweatheron the operation site, the equipment is strictly designed according to the highest standard in the industry to ensure stable performance and effective function. Many structural optimizations have also been made. For example, the derrick-style coiled tubing truck is smaller in size with improved flexibility (turning radius reduced to 16m, height less than 4.2m). The derrick structure is designed in compliance with the API Spec 4F standard, with wind-resistant capacity reaching 100km/h. This guarantees a safe operation even in Middle East where wind can be very strongsometimes.

Previously, the injection head and the BOP of the derrick-style coiled tubing truck can only be controlled locally. Now theycan be remotecontrolled at a distance of30metres, which also raises the safety level of the operation.

The manager commented, “Though the oil price bouncing back from the lowest point, still hasn’t recovered to the normal level. Under such circumstances, regardless of equipment, technologyor service all need to be more pragmatic apart from being of good quality. We need to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and provide innovative products to increase theiroperation efficiency and reduce the cost. To be customer-oriented is the goal of all the Kerui Petroleumpeople.”