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Kerui Petroleum obtains a national invention patent for another innovation technology

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Recently, “A method to improve the loading capacity of self-elevating platform gear and rack lifting set” applied by Kerui Petroleum has obtained the certificate of national invention patent issued by State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China, thereby making a new breakthrough in the building technology of offshore drilling rig and helping Kerui Petroleum realize strategic development extension from land to ocean. 

Self-elevating platform refers to a piece of equipment that is used to develop offshore oil and gas or serve offshore oil and gas development, and featured by strong positioning capacity, good stability of mobile operation and low cost, making it become the main force in exploration and development of continental shelf petroleum. However, for existing self-elevating platform lifting mode, many problems have been found in hydraulic cylinder jack-up, including failure to continuous lifting, poor stability, low speed and low efficiency. For gear and rack engagement, it is easy for gear and rack to get tired due to significant variation in alternative stress, resulting in safety loophole due to slip-off upon engagement. 

Through optimizing the design of engagement between the main gear and racks on the pile leg, “A method to improve the loading capacity of self-elevating platform gear and rack lifting set” newly researched and developed by Kerui Petroleum realizes platform lifting while having such characteristics as high lifting speed, simple operation, access to well location and high safety stability coefficient. 

In view of shock of low oil price and challenges from international energy giants, Kerui Petroleum, by upholding the technology development concept of “Technology leads the future”, uses the reserve of its own intellectual property as the key to grasp core competitiveness, and actively locate its global research and development system while increasing the investment in research and development. Kerui Petroleum will continuously take the highland for oil and gas development through technological research and development and innovation, thereby enhancing the dominant right of Chinese private oil enterprises in international market competition.