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Kerui Petroleum Appears at Neftegaz2016, Fully Exhibiting Its Strong Character

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On April 18, 2016, the 4-day 16th International Exhibition Equipment and Technologies for Oil and Gas Industry (Neftegaz2016) was opened in the Expo Center, Moscow. This exhibition attracted nearly 1300 oil and gas enterprises from 40+ countries around the globe. As a global leading oilfield integrated solution provider, Kerui Petroleum appeared at the exhibition by virtue of its industrial leading hard power in terms of new products, new technologies and new services, and soft power in terms of berth design showing its openness, inclusiveness and commitment to innovation, thus creating a new chapter for innovative development of low-price era. 

In this exhibition, Kerui Petroleum adopted “Make the acquisition of oil and gas more efficiently” as its theme and set up indoor and outdoor berth covering an area of 174 m2, making it the Chinese enterprise with the largest berth in the event. With models, LEDs and posters as the carrier, Kerui indoor berth mainly introduced high-end oil and gas equipment, including low-temperature drilling rig, compressor, high-end wellhead and coiled tubing vehicle, and oilfield enhancement integrated services, including nitrogen generation service, radial drilling service and coiled tubing operation. Kerui outdoor berth mainly consisted of real objects with focus on showcasing 600 single-machine single-pump cementing skid and 180K liquid nitrogen pump skid. Through combination of real objects and models, comprehensive application of audio, optical and electrical means at the berth and on-site professional introduction made by Kerui engineers, it is assured that highly cost-effective products, technologies and services of Kerui Petroleum were presented to the customers in a genuine manner, attracting a lot of customers and visitors and winning their consensual praise. 

Statistics show that 4000+ visitors visited Kerui Petroleum’s berth during the exhibition. Through this platform, Kerui Petroleum again showed the power of China’s smart manufacturing to the world and made the acquaintance of more and more partners, thus laying a solid foundation for further exploration of future international market.