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Kerui won the title of "advanced unit of corporate cultural development of Shandong province" in 2017

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On January 13, 2018, the forum on corporate culture and brand innovation sponsored by the institute of corporate culture of Shandong province was held in Jinan. Kerui successfully won the title of "advanced unit of corporate cultural development of Shandong province" in 2017.

Kerui petroleum attaches great importance to the role of corporate culture in operation and management.In combination with the development practice, we will continue to promote the construction of characteristic culture and the core values of enterprises and persist in cultivating people through culture, promoting development through culture and building brand through culture.

 【Family culture improves the employee's happiness index

Kerui' people love their families, love their “small family” and love our“big family”more. Kerui advocates the family culture of“loving the family, setting up a career and conquering the world”, and advocates the idea of“striving for the best”more. Through scientific and effective selection and use of people and assessment incentive mechanism and sound human resource management system, it provides every employee with the opportunity for progress and growth.

Establishment of "Love fund", "life-long staff", "outstanding contribution award"  has strengthened the centripetal force and cohesiveness of Kerui, so that every family member can maintain a positive and optimistic attitude and put the greatest enthusiasm and strength into the work.

In 2017, after the completion of the party building exhibition hall, Kerui petroleum also invested in the establishment of the Kerui'corporate culture exhibition hall for the training of corporate culture. Kerui's corporate culture training has become an essential part of school enrollment, new employee entry, promotion and appointment of cadres, and training of foreign employees. The family culture has made the Kerui' people feel more happy and responsible, and the family culture has made Kerui more vigorous.

Innovation spirit drives the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise】    

Enterprises can develop forever, the reform is an eternal topic.The spirit of innovation is the source of power to achieve development goals. Under the strategy of national innovation driven development, Kerui has focused on product innovation, service innovation, management innovation and model innovation. By vigorously advocating all members' innovation activities, it rewarded and promoted the application of innovative achievements, which fully stimulated the enthusiasm of all members. In order to make the spirit of innovation rooted in the hearts of every people of Kerui, the Group set September 10th as "Kerui's Innovation Day" every year.

In the eyes of the Kerui's people, every design, every production line and every step of work flow is full of the possibility of breeding innovative genes. At present, nearly 30000 innovative projects have been harvested through all members' innovation, and the cost of the enterprise is saved about 300 million yuan, which provides strong support for project acquisition, project delivery and project support. At the same time, the integration of global innovation technology has injected more dynamic energy into the global development of Kerui petroleum. At present, Kerui has 16 R & D centers and 16 scientific research laboratories around the world, with more than 2000 full-time R & D personnel, more than 1000 patent technology, more than 80 core technology, and more than 40 world leading technology.

In recent years, Kerui petroleum has focused on the integration and innovation service of high quality resources in the global oil and gas industry, and gradually formed a new model of the Internet Ecology of oil and gas industry, which consists of equipment, technology, service, talent and finance. Kerui takes the lead in creating a one-stop procurement platform in the global oil and gas field; Kerui founded  China's first talent service expert and engineering technology think tank in the field of global oil and gas energy; Kerui built a idle equipment Internet trading and sharing platform in the global oil and gas field.

Cultural inclusion accumulates the soft power of the brand

Kerui currently has more than 8,000 employees worldwide, including more than 1,000 foreign employees, and the localization rate of employees at overseas branches reached 51%. Faced with the global workforce of different regions, different religious belief and different cultural backgrounds , whether corporate culture has broad inclusiveness is particularly important. Under the brand concept of "opening, innovation and responsibility", the common values formed by the Kerui's people have become an important factor in the development of Kerui, providing a strong spiritual force for the management of enterprises, and gradually precipitating the soft strength which can not be lacking for the development of Kerui.

Giving full play to the internal driving force and core competitiveness of the enterprise culture, expanding the service field and improving the service quality, not only condenses the sense of Cory's identity and belonging, but also improves the confidence of the Kerui's people to move forward bravely, and has won the recognition and affirmation of the customers.

“One can succeed if he is willing to work hard”, competition between modern enterprises is not only hard competition but also cultural competition. As the spiritual pillar for the survival and development of enterprises, corporate culture is the common belief foundation, value standard and behavior standard of all employees. All the time, the corporate culture environment full of positive energy has always been a strong guarantee for the development of Kerui petroleum, and it will certainly lead Kerui petroleumto a higher and further future.