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Kerui Petroleum is awarded the title of "Harmonious Enterprise of Labor Relations "

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Recently, Shandong Kerui Holding Group Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of “Shandong Provincial Harmonious Enterprise of Labor Relations”by the selection of 4 departments including Shandong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security.

Putting people first, taking, paying attention to integrity, taking love for the soul, Over the years, Kerui Petroleum has actively fulfilled the "Labor Contract Law" and has thoroughly implemented the "Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on building harmonious labor relations.” In order to improve employee satisfaction and happiness, Cory oil combines its own characteristics, closely follow the pace of social development, by constantly improving the welfare level of workers, building career promotion channels, widening the internal demand channels and other practical measures, actively paying attention to employees' appeals and protecting the rights and interests of employees, and gradually set up a standard. Orderly, fair and reasonable, mutually beneficial and win-win, harmonious and stable labor relations.

In order to be able to exert its collective strength and better help the difficult workers, as early as the establishment of the company, the trade unions initiated the establishment of the “Corporate Love Fund”, so that the difficult employees can always feel the deep warmth from the organization and work at ease. In September 2013, Kerui love fund and staff of Kerui all donated more than 500 thousand yuan for the child of the staff who suffering from acute leukemia , helping  his families to overcome the difficulties and solve the urgent problem.

“Putting Striver first “is not just a slogan. In Kerui, employees who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the enterprise were rewarded and this has become the normal. Practical material rewards and medium and long term option incentives provide a broad space for people with the ability, courage and willingness to work hard. The outstanding striving people who grew up together with Kerry oil were awarded the "life-long staff" honor that everyone respects.

Young employees are the future of Kerui Petroleum. In view of the large number of young employees and many young people of childbearing age, Kerui Petroleum has built a Beautiful residential district with complete facilities in the core of the city. At the lowest cost for employees to buy, so that young employees get tangible benefits, get the warmth of home.

Harmonious relationship, culture first. Kerui Petroleum is a large family composed of more than 8000 people from dozens of languages and dozens of nationalities. Different nationalities and different cultural backgrounds put forward higher requirements and severe challenges for Kerui's establishment of harmonious labor relations. However, the united, open and inclusive of Kerui's corporate culture allows everyone to integrate with each other and become like-minded and able to work together. 

Behind the continuous development of Kerui Petroleum is the tremendous power contained in the harmonious labor relations.Only a harmonious labor relationship can enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of employees, allowing both companies and employees to breathe together. It is precisely because of the harmonious labor relations that allow the invinciblly rapid development of Kerui Petroleum in the process of entering overseas markets and upgrading and transforming enterprises.