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Activate the idle resources in the oil and gas energy sector - Kerui Petroleum OilUP platform formally la...

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Since 2014, the sharp drop in international oil prices has affected the entire oil and gas energy sector,a large number of global oil and gas exploration and operation equipment have been idle, and many oil and gas equipment holders have been suffering. Although the global oil and gas industry has strong recovery in 2018, the relevant enterprises still face enormous operating pressure. How to take effective measures to reduce operating costs and achieve resource realisation is a serious problem. As a result, REGI International Energy Co. LTD. came into being.

Relying on the strong strength in global oil and gas energy comprehensive solution and the global marketing, technology and service network of its parent company-Kerui Petroleum ,REGI builds an international, comprehensive Internet trading platform Oil UP, pioneering the introduction of the sharing economy model into the oil and gas energy industry, relying on standardized and professional cross-border trading mechanisms, flexible and prudent financing modes, and comprehensive and leading technical service support. It closely connects the idle equipment holders and demanders around the world, realizing global equipment resource cross-border leasing transactions, and making idle equipment truly “live”.

The OilUP platform of REGI has accumulated power for 9 months. The English version took the lead. The original value of the existing equipment of the platform is nearly US$10 billion, covering the major equipment categories with the highest market demand, such as oil and gas drilling, production increase, and gathering and transportation. At the same time, platform users can also gain access to the world's latest cutting-edge technologies and industry information through the OilUP smart community, and have the opportunity to interact with high-end professionals in the global oil and gas energy circle.