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Kerui Petroleum and YPF reached cooperation in cross-border leasing of ultra-high pressure BOP equipment

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Recently, Kerui Petroleum and Argentine National Petroleum Corporation (hereinafter referred to as YPF) formally reached BOP equipment leasing cooperation. The project achieved a substantial breakthrough in the cross-border leasing business of Kerui in the Argentinean market. It is the first BOP project for China's oil and gas equipment enterprises to achieve cross-border leasing of equipment.

Bian Jinwei, the director of the project, said: "the 11 inch 15000psi UHP BOP of WEFIC involved in this project is the first set of UHP BOP which enter into the Argentina market.The quality of its products has reached international standards and exceeded the requirements of YPF for quality. At the same time, because of leasing cooperation, it can also greatly reduce operating costs for customers. The successful implementation of this project has made both sides more confident and laid a good foundation for the follow-up cooperation, and Alfonso says it will continue to cooperate more deeply with Kerui Petroleum in the cross-border leasing of equipment.”

This project is one of the achievements of Kerui Petroleum in implementing the strategy of "quality resource integration and innovation service".During the implementation of the project, Kerui Petroleum gave full play to the advantage of “group army”and integrated its resources of REGI Group (www.regiglobal.com), WEFIC Group (www.weficgroup.com) and Kerui Argentina Branch,Through a flexible and prudent financial leasing model, standardized professional cross-border trading mechanisms and comprehensive leading technical service support,  the internal and external resources are complemented and the company's advantages are amplified.

In the future, Kerui Petroleum will continue to rely on global resources, combine industry development trends and local market characteristics to explore new ideas and explore new models to create tailor-made services for global customers.