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Successively won three big projects! The WEFIC of Kerui Group grabs wellhead market in Thailand

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Recently, Kerui Petroleum has continuously acquired onshore Christmas trees , offshore wellhead Christmas trees and onshore wellhead projects from P customer. Kerui Petroleum successfully captured all the wellhead Christmas trees projects that the customer needed for 5 years, and took the lead in the "beachhead campaign" of the wellhead market in Thailand.

"At the beginning, the customer was worried about Chinese manufacturing, which made us feel a bit frustrated. But compared with other brands, WEFIC wellhead is better in many aspects, which makes us confident when faced with difficulties.When talking about the project acquisition, Zhang Zongbin, the director of classified sales, said, "WEFIC wellhead equipment is designed independently according to customer needs, with little leakage and strong sealing, which can better save drilling time and platform space, help customer reduce operating costs and increase production and efficiency."

“We took the successful implementation of the Myanmar project as an opportunity to invite our customers to visit Cree's production workshops for many times.The same technology and quality between WEFIC's wellhead and international brands, as well as the trusted and high-quality services of Kerui Petroleum completely dispel the doubts of the customer,the two sides decided to carry out project cooperation in the offshore and onshore wellhead Christmas trees” said Wang Hailiang, Technical Sales Director of WEFIC,“In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project,Really let the client make a good call for Kerui, for Chinese equipment,we will support equipment testing, maintenance, and storage through our locally-accepted service centers; configure field service engineers to support on-site installation of equipment; match base coordinators and support customers to solve project problems.We hope to enhance the visibility and influence of Kerui Petroleum in the Southeast Asian oil and gas market through the implementation of the project.”

Over the years, with the technological innovation as the pivot point, Kerui Petroleum has pried the market.With the WEFIC wellhead product quality and high quality supporting service, we have established a firm partnership with many oil companies at home and abroad, and gradually build up a friends circle of wellhead equipment which covering the world.In Burma, we have achieved ten millions of orders. In Thailand, the market share has steadily increased. In Argentina, we provide high-end products and services for YPF... The WEFIC wellhead of Kerui, which ranks among the first line brands in the world, is continuing to provide efficient and safe services to its customers, helping more customers succeed.