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Driving the Digital Revolution in Oil and Gas Energy - Kerui Petroleum bright new position in CIPPE 2018

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Recently, CIPPE 2018 Beijing Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition opened at China International Exhibition Center. Kerui Petroleum, which has participated in the 13 CIPPE in succession,  takes the theme of “Driving the digital revolution in oil and gas energy”and the new appearance debuted at this exhibition.

Industry-leading high-end digital equipment

Kerui oceanicelectric drives anti-explosion liquid nitrogen pump skid, which can accurately adjust the nitrogen temperature according to the heating power through digital intelligent control, and can achieve the gasification heat switch between the electric heating and the offshore platform heat source, which improves the energy utilization and greatly reduced customer operating costs.

Kerui wellhead air booster screw machine can achieve the exhaust volume independent of the exhaust pressure, achieve forced gas transmission, and can maintain the gas production capacity of low-pressure gas wells, effectively prolong the service life of gas wells, and ultimately recover the gas wells. The ultimate recovery and overall economic benefits of the gas well are significantly improved.

Powerful oil and gas energy engineering and oilfield integration services

Kerui Petroleum's customized oil and gas stimulation technology solutions and integrated services can reduce the comprehensive cost of oil and gas production by 5%-30% for customers' exploration of blocks and the development of old oilfields.However, with the modular construction technology, Kerui Petroleum can reduce the cost of the EPC project for customers by 15%-25%.

Unique Internet Cross-Border Platform Services

ERUI International's one-stop cross-border procurement platform (www.erui.com) focuses on the consumables accessories of oil and gas energy, general equipment and industrial consumer goods. Efficient supply chain integration services can reduce customers' purchase costs by 35%. In order to meet the needs of customers in the region, ERUI has established spot goods special zones and national sub-stations in some countries and regions. Through "Rui Business Alliance" big data and other customized services, to help platform providers quickly obtain inquiry information and global customer demand.

REGI International's OilUP transaction leasing platform (www.oilup.com) digs deep into global idle oil and gas equipment supply and demand resources, realizing “quick realization of idle equipment and precise matching of rental and sales demands”. The OilUP platform has now provided equipment sourcing services in 16 countries and regions, and has integrated 14 equipment certification organizations, 70 equipment refurbishing agencies, 37 installation and commissioning agencies and 39 logistics clearance agencies.Through the integration of whole process services, the cross-border leasing and trading of oil and gas equipment will be more secure.

Professional and open talent technology service

The VIPT international petroleum Training college (www.evipt.com) provides comprehensive and professional oil and gas energy talents and technical services through international teacher team, standardized curriculum system, open service platform and mature solutions to meet the needs of global customers for high-end professional technicians and advanced scientific and technological achievements.