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Russian International Oil & Gas Exhibition 2018 - Kerui Petroleum writes new splendidness!

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On April 16, local time, the 18th Russia International Oil and Gas Industry Equipment and Technology Exhibition (Neftegaz 2018) was opened at the Ruby International Convention and Exhibition Center in Moscow.With the high-end oil and gas equipment R&D and manufacturing, oil and gas production enhancement solutions and integrated services, and comprehensive solutions for the value chain of oil and gas projects, Kerui Petroleum has made a strong debut in this exhibition with a new attitude of "Industry + Internet"!

"Russia has the world's largest reserves of minerals and energy resources, and it is the 'first destination' for Kerui Petroleum to go out. Based on the integration of high-quality resources such as products, technology, talent, and finance in the global oil and gas industry, Kerui Petroleum thinks what customers want and anxious what customers need. The high quality products and services they provide create more value for customers in the Pan-Russia region”. Li Jinxu, general manager of Kerui Petroleum Russia Branch, told the media.

In 2009, Kerui Petroleum took a crucial step in "going out" - entering the Russian market. In August 2012, The Russia Branch of Kerui was officially incorporated in Moscow. In 2017, Kerui signed a strategic cooperation agreement with “Gazprom Oil” and achieved breakthrough growth in the Russian business. In June of the same year, during the visit of Russian President Putin to China, Kerui Petroleum and Russian State Oil Company officially signed the Memorandum of strategic cooperation in Beijing. The two sides reached broad consensus on the cooperation of several projects in which Russia’s oil shares participate.

During the exhibition period, the Kerui Petroleum booth received a total of more than 1,000 visits. Russian oil, Gazprom oil, Russian gas drill, Lukoil, Tatneft, Irkut oil and other customers visited the Kerry booth and have a detailed exchange.The agreement of many cooperative intentions has led Kerui petroleum to become the most concerned Chinese company in this exhibition."So many customers visit our booth and exchange business, it is the result of the deep ploughing and opening up of the local market, and also is the result of the rapid development of the Kerui brand in Russian Federation." Li Jinxu said.According to its own development demand, Kerui petroleum has developed into four major businesses, such as high-end oil and gas equipment R & D and manufacturing, oil and gas energy engineering and oil field integration service, industry + Internet platform service, industry training and human resources service, which have become the "four engines" of Kerui carrying digital informatization transition.The high-speed, coordinated operation of the four engines allowed the high-speed trains of Kerui to maintain their acceleration in the land of Russia.

"Since entering the Russian market for nine years, we have cooperated with large-scale oil companies such as Russian oil, Russian gas, and Surgutneftegas to provide low-temperature drilling and workover equipment, natural gas compressors, and Nitrogen making equipment,Oil field stimulation technology service, nitrogen service, etc. Currently ,the HR4000 cryogenic skid drilling rig is operating in the Tyumen region of Russia,it operates well in the minus 45-degree working environment.Kerui independently R & D and produces energy-saving electrical equipment with energy-saving efficiency of up to 40%. These products and services are actually helping our customers." The Xia Zhaozeng, the vice president of Kerui Group, said proudly.   

With customers as the center, in the face of the opportunities brought by the adjustment of energy structure and optimization of industrial structure, Kerui Petroleum will continue to increase cooperation with Russian and global customers in the field of oil and gas development, through more extensive businessmore comprehensive services and better products, we help customers succeed and promote the progress of the oil and gas industry.