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Kerui Petroleum, let China-made equipment go to the world!

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During the Spring Festival of 2018, the Kerry Petroleum brand film met with the wide audience at home and abroad in the CCTV4 Chinese international channel "industry brand broadcast" column.

The cooperation was achieved thanks to the full support and promotion of the China Chamber of Commerce for Machinery and Electronic Products Import and Export(hereinafter referred to as the "Chamber of Commerce").As the only national 5A-level social organization in China's machinery and electronic products import and export industry, the Chamber of Commerce is the bridge and link between the government and enterprises. In the 30 years since the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce, it has been promoting the promotion of contacts and collaboration among members of the Chamber of Commerce, safeguarding the interests of members and the industry;In enhancing the cohesiveness and brand competitiveness of Chinese mechanical and electrical enterprises in the international market,It has played an irreplaceable role.

Shandong Kerui Holding Group Co., Ltd., the vice chairman unit of the Petrochemical Equipment and Engineering Branch, has always practiced the purpose of the Chamber of Commerce, actively explored the international market, promoted the export of China's petrochemical equipment and engineering and international engineering contracting, and it  has become a banner for China's petroleum equipment industry to March overseas.

From the Arctic Circle at -56°C to the Sahara at 70°C, from just going abroad to the business all over the world, from land to sea, from single product to full industrial chain coverage, from the traditional equipment manufacturing to the Internet industry platform...... Kerui Petroleum has not forgotten the original heart, steady forward, to achieve a step by step exciting leap.China's first 9,000-meter ultra-deep well drilling rig, China's first hydraulic lift, full-automatic intelligent liquid-electric drilling rig, the only nitrogen-making equipment manufacturer in the world that achieves an injection pressure of 70 MPa and with a purity of more than 99% of nitrogen, the first Chinese enterprise to achieve high-end overall wellhead overseas sales,and China's first drafter of nitrogen industry standards...Kerry Petroleum has made a breakthrough in the industry with the heart of sincere, professional and persistent .

The CCTV4 Chinese International Channel is an important window for global Chinese and overseas Chinese to understand the motherland, and it is also an important platform for Chinese companies to go global. We hope that through this cooperation, Chinese people around the world will understand and pay attention to the development of China's high-end oil equipment industry. We are also firmly convinced that under the guidance of the national brand development strategy, under the vigorous promotion of the China Chamber of Commerce for Machinery and Electronic Products Import and Export, more and more excellent Chinese companies will be on the international stage, allowing more China-made equipment to go global.