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Walking with the times! KERUI Petroleum Debuts at OTC Exhibition in the United States

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Theworld's largest oil industry event - the OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) was held in Houston, United States, in the local time, from April 30th to May 3rd. Nearly 3,000 exhibiting companies and over 60,000 square meters of exhibition space have fully demonstrated the development trend and future opportunities of the global oil and gas energy industry. KERUI Petroleum debuted with a brand-new attitude, walked with the times and embraced a bright future.

Facing the trend of the digital revolution in the oil and gas industry in recent years. KERUI Petroleum has combined its advantages in equipment, technology, human resources, finance, and assets to build high-end oil and gas equipment R&D and manufacturing, oil and gas energy engineering and oilfield integration services, Industries + Internet platform services, industry training and human resources services, providing more quality services to customers around the world.

At the exhibition site, around the excellent cases such as the UPGN 600 million U.S. dollar project awarded by KERUI Petroleum, the exhibition visitors exchanged insights on the integration of the KERUI oil and gas energy engineering and oilfield services, among which the fully modularized flare gas recycling solution through the method of building a fully modular natural gas processing plant, LNG plant, and power plant, reduce the cost of 15%-25%, effectively reduce the waste of flare gas resources, improve the overall project revenue, and arouse the customer's high attention. In addition, oil and gas stimulation technology solutions and integrated services can be developed for block exploration and old oilfields, reducing overall production costs by 5%-30%, and also attracted lots of attention.

The comprehensive upgrade of the "Industries + Internet" platform exhibition to North America has caused a strong industry resonance. ERUI cross-border e-commerce platform provides innovative services such as online product quotations, online transactions, global distribution, and customs tax rebate for many customers around the world through efficient supply chain integration services, and drives nearly 1,000 domestic small and medium-sized equipment manufacturing companies to fully enter the international market and reduce customers' procurement costs by 30%. The REGI Group OILUP transaction leasing platform, through global sourcing, certification, and marketing resources, enables rapid liquidation of idle oil and gas equipment, more precise matching of rental demand, and fully activates the huge potential of the idle energy equipment market.

3000HP intelligent integrated drilling rig, membrane separation nitrogen equipment, WEFIC high-end wellhead and other high-end oil and gas equipment stunning debut, physical display WEFIC-SR type fracturing valve, achieving independent design, internal parts for a variety of work environments, ball screw structure easily assembled and disassembled, it can save installation and dismantling time greatly and reduce costs and increase efficiency for customers. In addition to the R&D and manufacturing of high-end oil and gas equipment, KERUI Petroleum is also committed to delivering the most professional talents in the world and creating talent productivity. The exhibition area of the Victory International Petroleum Training Institute fully demonstrated the layout of KERUI Petroleum's “value” in upgrading oil and gas industry talents and building an international talent service platform.

With the supply of high-end oil and gas equipment R&D, manufacturing and integration solutions, KERUI Petroleum's products and services have been widely used in more than 80 countries and regions, including the United States, Russia, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, and gaining a good reputation. “We will continue to provide customers with more quality oil and gas equipment and more efficient integrated solutions in the areas of equipment R&D and manufacturing, oil and gas development, new energy development, and oil and gas storage and transportation in the future. We will use OTC exhibition opportunities and deeply exchange with global customers, share opportunities for development, realize mutual benefit and win-win results, and jointly promote the promotion of global oil and gas industry and industry progress.”The relevant person in charge of KERUI Petroleum said, at the exhibition site.