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KERUI Petroleum won the bid for annual gas injection service at the Tarim Oilfield

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KERUI Petroleum successfully won the bid for the annual gas injection project at the Tarim Oilfield and the contract value is more than 100 million RMB. This is the second consecutive year that KERUI Petroleum provides this gas injection and production increase service for Tarim Oilfield Company enhancing KERUI’s presence in Xinjiang region.


“The Tarim Oilfield has very strict requirements on the construction site, not only for the amount of equipment on location, but also for its more than 10 years of construction and management experience. KERUI Petroleum’s engineering team won the customer’s trust and recognition with its strong knowledge, skills and solid resource integration capabilities”, Bin Ba, project manager said.

In order to help the client achieve its 2018 oil production target, KERUI Petroleum oilfield services sent a team of experts to the site to carry out analyzes and have deep conversations.
In response to the characteristics of Tarim Oilfield, KERUI provided the customer a tailored nitrogen injection and stimulation technological solution. This technology recognizes the “attic oil” on the top of the gravity displacement oil reservoir, which greatly improves the comprehensive oil recovery of the block and reduces the cost perton.

In recent years, KERUI's oil and gas market has achieved fruitful results. With KERUI's experience, technology and services more old oilfields have recovered their productivity. KERUI Petroleum has open more doors in new countries and regions worldwide.
In Colombia, KERUI Petroleum provides thermal control technology for heavy oil recovery, combined with shell insulation and nitrogen and steam injection technology, achieving success in 556 wells. In one well, during the construction period, the average production was increased by 2,600 barrels. It has a complete set of heavy oil development solutions for be customized to customer’s needs.
In Iraq, KERUI Petroleum has studied the characteristics of the M reservoir and the structure of the well. And it has been using new steering systems, flexible tubing, nitrogen stimulation and injection to increase production. In mature fields, they have recovered and maximized production by more than ten times.

“KERUI Petroleum Service has more than 200 engineering and technical service teams, covering at least 100 oil and gas blocks, with a market share of nitrogen service in China of 79%, which has become an emerging international force in oil field services.
KERUI continues to provide customers with oil and gas field production solutions and integrated services using the customer-oriented marketing concept, and relying on the continuous technological innovation, achievements and research of its Petroleum Engineering and Technology Research Institute.
Facing new markets, new opportunities and new challenges, KERUI Petroleum service is ready to go," said Tongwu An, president of KERUI Petroleum.