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Kerui’s Attendance in the 16th Moscow International Oil and Gas Exhibition On April 23 local time, the...

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On April 23 local time, the 16th Moscow International Oil and Gas Exhibition (MIOGE 2019) was successfully held in Crocus Exhibition Center, Moscow. Kerui Petroleum attended the exhibition with high-end oil and gas equipment, oil and gas stimulation solutions and integration services, and industry + internet platform services, attracting considerable attention of on-site guests and customers.

Mr. Wang Feng, deputy secretary and mayor of Dongying district at the booth of Kerui

As the largest international oil and gas equipment and technology exhibition in Russia, MIOGE of this year attracted nearly 600 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions including Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, German and Britain, etc. More than 300 guest speakers and nearly 20,000 professional audience from 55 countries and regions attended the grand industry event.

“Russia is a large energy country with proved oil and gas reserves ranking top in the world. By consecutive innovation, research and development and localized operation and maintenance, both Kerui high-end oil and gas equipment and integrated oil and gas field service acquire big market share and are widely acknowledged in Russia”, introduced by Li Jinxu, general manager of Kerui Russia branch.

High-end intelligent equipment, produced with wisdom and originality

The T40 low-temperature trailer-mounted drilling rig which is mainly recommended by Kerui during the exhibition adopts semi-trailer structure. It is easy and convenient to be installed and mobilized entirely. The drawworks adopts AC variable frequency drive. Empty shell type gear box is directly assembled with gear box shaft, which makes it small in size and reliable in performance. Electrical drive reduces environment pollution, saves energy, decreases operation cost and wins thick interests of on-site guests and customers.

The truck-mounted pipeline air compressor customized for Russia market is convenient to install and move. It can strongly adapt to different operation conditions with big handling capacity and wide inlet and exhaust-pressure ratio passage. Equipped with engine generator set, it can run without electricity on site and is widely adopted in emergency dealing, maintenance and reinjection of pipeline gas.

MW-1 integrated high-end wellhead equipment which is independently developed and researched by Kerui was also together showed in the exhibition. It adopts modularized and integrated engineering philosophy with height 30% lower than the conventional wellhead equipment. It can save 12-30 hours for single well installation, which effectively helps the customers to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Oil & Gas Stimulation Solutions to Provide Global Service

At the exhibition site, the Russian National Oil Fracturing Increasing Project won by Kerui Petroleum became another highlight of the exhibition. In 2017, Kerui Petroleum successfully acquired the project and successfully completed the fracturing operation in an extremely low temperature environment of -40 °C, breaking the record of the lowest construction temperature on the Kerui oilfield service history. The high-quality construction performance was reported by many Russian local media stations. Up to now, Kerui oilfield service has successfully completed more than 1000 layers of fracturing construction with remarkable stimulation effect.

The membrane nitrogen production equipment and technical services exhibited at this exhibition are the star business of Kerui. With strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities of nitrogen injection equipment, technical integration and innovative application capabilities of the system, mature construction experience and project management capabilities, Kerui nitrogen stimulation technology has been widely recognized by the market. In January 2016, Kerui 1200 square membrane nitrogen production equipment entered Russia and began to provide nitrogen production increase services for Irkutsk Oil. This is the first time that Irkutsk Oil has introduced overseas stimulation technology.Kerui nitrogen generation equipment has successfully increased the production of oil wells by 80% by providing air lift reverse discharge operation service in Irkutsk area. Up to now, Kerui’s sets of membrane nitrogen and liquid nitrogen equipment continue to increase production for customers.

 Innovative “Industry + Internet” Platform Mode to Boost Industry Development

During the exhibition, Kerui also emphatically demonstrated “industry + internet” innovation mode case, i.e. Regi International which is an international idle equipment transaction and sharing platform in global oil and gas industry. Based on “industry + internet” thought and sharing economy feature, by actively integrating global premium resource, Regi International aims at building service supply chain integrator and large-scale multi-international industry internet platform. It provides resource integration, proposal optimization, export trade and technical support service for global idle oil and gas equipment, and “Technology + Sharing + Service + Internet” mode of one-station trade and sharing service solution for customers and suppliers. Relying on Kerui industrial strength and global deployment, Regi International has achieved rapid development by using internet application OilUP to collect information. Up to now, Regi International has implemented nearly 100 projects with accumulative amount of more than 150 million US dollars.

“Increasing oil and gas prices, stable production and favorable tax system have made the Russian oil and gas industry flourishing. In the future, Kerui Petroleum will seize the opportunity of the times, continuously deepen the localization process of Russia branch and strive to enhance its market share. At the same time, we will introduce more high-end oil and gas equipment, oil and gas stimulation solution and more various cooperation modes into the Russian market, and work with many excellent local partners to jointly promote industrial upgrading and industrial progress in the Russian oil and gas field”, Li Jinxu said.