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KERUI Petroleum Attended the OTC with new equipment and new model

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On May 6th local time, the American OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) in global oil industry event was grandly held in NRG Park of Houston. On the 50th anniversary of the OTC exhibition, KERUI Petroleum launched theR&D of high-end oil and gas equipment, Oil Field Service, EPC, “Industry + Internet” platform etc, and attracted lots of customers.

R&D of High-end Oil and Gas Equipment

During the exhibition, KERUI showed the MLSS wellhead equipment. Multi Landing Split System is an efficiency wellhead system with an upper and lower housing, designed to drill out, land and cement up to four strings of casing without breaking the BOP from the wellhead. The most important MLSS feature that has generated market success is it’s significant rig time savings. This feature reduces the nipple up/down time, the need to working under a suspended BOP and eliminates hot work during drill out.

The MLSS is offered in 11” thru 13-5/8” and various pressure rating combinations from 3,000PSI to 10,000PSI.  Stackable uni-head capability to land up to 4 strings of casing with single BOP connection Fluted mandrel hanger to allow drilling fluid returns Single pack-off for primary and emergency plans.

The high visibility installation line can safely verify the landing of the hanger and pack-off Streamlined Tooling System to reduce equipment costs.

At the same time, KERUI Petroleum also detailed introduce the 3000HP intelligent fast moving rig, oil gas stimulation and new energy development、one-stop solutions for oil&gas engineering value chain.

Industry + Internet Platform Service

During the exhibition, KERUI Petroleum associated with ERUI International to launch the "Industry + Internet" platform. And held an introduction and marketing event at exhibition, showed the products, technology, platform, big data and supply chain finance to users.

Meanwhile, KERUI Petroleum associated with REGI sharing service platform to show the first “Oil & Gas energy industry idle resources sharing platform “throughout the world, rely on the thought of“Industry + Internet”to provide the resources integration, scheme optimization, export trade, technical support etc.services for global idle oil and gas equipment.

 “Faced with the new ecology, new opportunities and new challenges in the oil and gas industry, KERUI Petroleum is ready to go.”the Assistant president of KERUI Petroleum introduced“Kerui Petroleum will provide the comprehensive solutions for customers, and achieve win-win through the new business model,advanced equipment and personalized technology and services.”