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Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Shandong Province ,Gong Zheng and the ...

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On May 15th, the deputy secretary of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and the Governor of the province, Gong Zheng, led more than 100 delegations visiting Kerui Group to view and emulatethe “Oil and Gas Intelligent Equipment and Industrial Internet Project on-site”. These delegations are mainly members, who attended the province's new and old industry & economic model conversion project promotion meeting and the " attracting investment and talents " work commendation conference.

Yang Xian, Chairman of Kerui Group, focusing on the strategic guiding ideology of " new and old industry & economic model conversion " and " Strengthening the marine industry ",mainly reported the high-end intelligent offshore equipment manufacturing projects, and ERUI&REGI two "industry + Internet" platforms.

Accelerating the research and development of new technologies, promoting the leadership of industry, Kerui Group accelerated the pace of R&D and manufacturing of high-end offshore equipment, and it has set up technology R&D centers in Singapore and the United States. Its self-developed offshore-platform integrated oil production system and underwater mud line suspension system are all at the international leading level. The underwater mud line suspension system can be applied to a working environment with a water depth of 300 meters, and the working pressure can reach 104 MPa, which fills up the gap in the field of underwater wellhead technology in China.

ERUI is China’s first cross-border internet B2B Proprietary platform for industrial products in the vertical field of oil and gas energy.It can provide customers for one-stop service with marketing, logistics, on-site installation ,after-sales service and settlement. So far, it has established business in more than 30 countries around the world, and built 6 shared  overseas warehouses worldwide, cooperated with more than 600 well-known suppliers, it has served more than 3,500 member customers worldwide.

REGI International Group, another one of Kerui Group’s holding unit, is the world’s first idle equipment Internet + Industrial products trading platform in the oil & gas field.In March 2019, China National Machinery Import & Export (Group) Co., Ltd., China General Technology Group Hong Kong International Capital Co., Ltd. and Kerui Group officially signed the strategic investment contract for REGI in Dongying. At present, the service platform has attracted more than 10,000 sourcing partners, about 15,000 sets of idle equipment information shared, and the value of idle equipment on the platform has been over US$10 billion.

In the future, Kerui Group will continue to focusing on accelerating the transformation of new and old new and old industry & economic model, deepen the implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative, and continue to strengthen R&D investment in high-end marine engineering equipment, intelligent underwater equipment, natural gas and shale gas mining equipment. Still, Kerui Group keeps on giving full play to the advantages of the two Internet industry platforms of ERUI and RIGI, building a new highland for Shandong to open outside, and striving to promote the integration and innovation of high-quality resources in the global oil and gas industry, thus help China's “Made with Wisdom” to go global, and shoulder its sacred responsibility for the national enterprise.