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KERUI Petroleum Membrane Nitrogen Equipment has been successfully shipped, which injects surging power in...

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 Recently, the 1200 square 35MPa dual-vehicle high-pressure membrane separation nitrogen production equipment independently developed by KERUI was officially sent to a block in Shanxi Province, which is the first set of vehicle-borne high-pressure membrane separation nitrogen production equipment acting on China's coalbed methane market.

 The equipment is divided into nitrogen generator car and compression locomotive unit, with the whole machine intelligent integrated control system, can meet the needs of different climates and multi-working conditions, and can conduct operation without external electric Power or external engine power. The nitrogen purity can reach to more than 95%.

 The project staff said that compared with the current CBM equipment, this set of equipment has a multiple increase in drainage and production capacity, and has a remarkable effect of increasing production, which is a breakthrough in the traditional CBM drainage and production scheme. It is believed that with the follow-up promotion and application, the large-scale exploitation and utilization of CBM in China will be effectively promoted. 

 As the leader of China's nitrogen industry, KERUI Petroleum has continuously innovated and accumulated practical experience, with the domestic market share of membrane nitrogen products exceeding 80%, and has been successfully applied to a number of land and offshore platforms in China, Russia, Asia-Pacific, South America and other countries and regions. In the future, KERUI Petroleum will continue to promote oil & gas development and stimulation with high-quality products and services, keep injecting surging momentum into the global oil & gas energy field.