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KERUI Petroleum Praised by Foreign Media: UPGN Project Achieved Two-Million-Working-Hour Accident Free in...

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 Recently, O Click Petróleo e Gás, an oil and gas energy magazine in Brazil, published a two-million-working-hour accident free report regarding the UPGN project, which once again drew the industry’s attention on "KERUI-METODO".

A translation from a report on the website of O Click Petróleo e Gás:

 KERUI-METODO is a joint company headed by KERUI Petroleum and composed of KERUI Petroleum and Metodo Potencial, a local engineering company.  From April 2018, it began to build UPGN, a natural gas treatment plant project with great importance for the petroleum under the oil deposit. KERUI-METODO takes courage and active measures to ensure safety of itself and its partners. The team achieved a record of two-million-working-hour accident free last week, a brilliant achievement.

 On the 445th day of the project construction, the UPGN team make a breakthrough of two-million-working-hour accident free and once again achieved the goal of another one-million-working-hour accident free. KERUI-METODO always puts safety at its priority, and fully mobilizes and integrates the superior resources of KERUI Petroleum and Metodo's global technology, system and complete QHSE management mechanism. The project team always follows the principle of “Safety-Based Design, Safety-Oriented Construction”, and strengthens the safety management in the procurement and the trial operation, by which it moves the safety management to the very early stage, strengthens the entrance inspection, checks the important equipment factory inspection, conducts safety planning for the trial operation, formulates emergency measures, and carries out in-depth integration management. It has also built a comprehensive safety management platform regarding organization control, risk monitoring, intensive training, safety incentives, etc., to ensure project operation as planned.

 One of the important principles in KERUI Petroleum promotion of globalization is localization of manpower use, culture and interests. This is also a commitment to the country it invests in, especially the local people. At present, the UPGN project team is made up of nearly 1,500 employees, and local employees account for more than 90%. It is expected that 2,000 people will serve the project at the peak time, which can help local employment and economic growth. The completion of the project will greatly ease the Brazilian government’s natural gas import pressure.

 At present, the project team is underway as planned. The person in charge of the project says that it will focus on the next step of construction, and constantly strengthen safety management and the investment in safety facilities, so that safety management can reach a new level to ensure the safe and stable operation of the project.