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Successful Delivery of Intelligent Double-medium Compression Locomotive of Shandong KERUI Petroleum Equip...

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 Recently, the intelligent double-medium compression locomotive customized by Shandong KERUI Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. is shipped to a certain oilfield in southwest China. This device is the first double-medium compression locomotive in China with a nitrogen treatment capacity of 2,100 Nm3/h, a natural gas capacity of 2,500 Nm3/h and a maximum exhaust pressure of 35 MPa. It can adapt to a variety of operating conditions, not only can directly use the natural gas for operation in the gas-rich producing areas, but also use the nitrogen for pipeline purging, nitrogen replacement, pipeline rush repair, gas lift and other operations, so as to further broaden the operation scope and reduce cost and increase efficiency for customers.  It is worth mentioning that this device is matched with HY-AUTO MAX control system customized and independently developed by Shandong KERUI Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. for customers, and it has friendly man-machine interface, control logic, visual control process, which can realize the key transformation, centralized control, intelligent data remote transmission and other functions, so as to greatly reduce the operation difficulty on the construction site.

 The project leader makes an introduction: "integrated, intelligent and multi-functional device is the future development trend; as early as 2016, we obtained the patent of 'skid-mounted double-medium compressor unit', and Shandong KERUI Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. has been leading the industry research and development. Two sets of devices shipped at this time only take 22 days from production to acceptance, which is recognized by the customer and creates a delivery record of Shandong KERUI Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. Three more sets are under construction and expected to be delivered by the end of this month". 

 Shandong KERUI Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd.'s transformation from an enterprise standard upgrade to an industry standard setter has further strengthened its voice in the field of nitrogen production in oil and gas fields.