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Go Globally! Compressor Units made in China has advanced to Egypt

News Time:2019.08.20       Traffic:

 Recently, KERUI Petroleum customized high power natural gas reciprocating compressor has successfully been off the assembling line and delivered to the Egyptian clients. This is a new breakthrough for Chinese compressor products into Egyptian market.

 The hard power of the compressor units is faultlessly adaptive local working condition. Egypt is the main natural gas producer in Africa, with the further exploration of natural gas, the demands of wellhead supercharging equipment is increasing. However, local wellhead intake pressure fluctuates greatly, therefore,KERUI Petroleum compressor technical team depends on the mature design experience to continually optimize the compressor technological process, so that the intake pressure of single compressor unit is 250~500Psig, exhaust pressure is 1100Psig, the flow is steadily keeping in 20MMSCFD. It can meet the demand for stable pressure in natural gas processing station. The whole machine adopts a power assist system combining 24 VDC and air-operated system to reduce the dependency on the power condition on site. 

 KERUI Petroleum will continue to increase the investment in R&D, and further expand the global market, help global clients be successful with better service and useful products.