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Kerui Petroleum has delivered 6 fracturing pumps to the Algerian national oil service company

News Time:2020.03.03       Traffic:

Recently, 6 sets of fracturing pump packaged equipment provided by Kerui Petroleum for Algerian national oil service company were successfully shipped, including 4 sets of 5000psi and 2 sets of 10000psi pumps packaged, all independently developed and manufactured by Kerui Petroleum.

In order to meet the client's on-site construction needs and combined with the working conditions of local oil fields, this batch of equipment is all designed with skid-mounted structure, can meet the requirements of 55 high environment temperature, and each pump skid is equipped with 2 centrifugal pumps, which can achieve one use and one standby to ensure the reliability of operation. Manifold system customized layout, pneumatic/manual valve combination control on and off; Whole package is using Kerui independent research and development control system, high compatibility, complete operation mode, can meet the table control and remote control switch smoothly, and achieve the operation data transmission locally or remotely and centralized control, the operating interface is equipped with variety of straight instruments, can monitor and send operation conditions and data timely, highly improved the safety and convenience of operation. Relying on superior products quality, FAT commissioning passed at first time, the customer gave high evaluation and affirmation to the equipment design and project execution ability.