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KERUI Petroleum Two Sets of One Main Truck-One Tubing Reel Skid Continuous Tubing Equipment Delivered in ...

News Time:2020.03.27       Traffic:

With the full resumption of supply chain, logistics and production, kerui Petroleum production equipment opened batch delivery mode. Recently, two sets of one main truck-one tubing reel skid continuous tubing equipment were successfully sent to Xinjiang and Shaanxi oil fields to carry out operations.

Both sets of one main truck-one tubing reel skid equipment delivered are equipped with a KR2100 injection head developed and manufactured by kerui, with a lifting force of 100,000 pounds and a large volume of pipes, which can meet the ultra-deep well operation in most oil fields in Northwest China and can be widely used in fracturing, workover and other operations.

The remaining multiple one main truck-one tubing reel skid equipment are still under intense production and are expected to be delivered in batches in the second quarter.