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Kerui petroleum multiple projects are delivered centrally

News Time:2020.04.07       Traffic:

On March 27, the first Truck-mounted drilling project was successfully delivered to Russia after the resumption of work. The Truck -mounted drilling rig set adopts fast-moving cat track to facilitate the quick relocation of the well site.At present, kerui petroleum has more than ten sets of the same type rigs are stable operating in Russia and fully trusted by customers. Kerui petroleum strong supply chain integration capabilities and spot delivery have significantly shortened the delivery cycle for component projects.At the same time, for the after-sales work of overseas projects, the project team has also made advance deployment based on the current situation of the global epidemic.

On March 31, a nitrogen drilling equipment with a large displacement of 4,800m³was successfully sent to Shanxi. It can provide 95% purity nitrogen gas support for CBM drilling operation.

“The new set can not only reduce the damage to the drilling layer and prolong the drill bit life, but also improve the drilling more efficiency and more safety” said the engineer from Kerui. Based on the design, production and service experience of nitrogen equipment for many years, Kerui successfully finished the new equipment in combination with the field conditions and customer requirements.

Through the cooperation mode of equipment leasing + operation and maintenance package service, Kerui solved the customer's capital problem and guaranteed the stable operation of the equipment.