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Kerui Petroleum Completed Delivery the First Drilling Rig of Geothermal Energy Project for Ethiopia

News Time:2020.04.29       Traffic:

Recently, with the delivery of the last batch of rig equipment, the first set of geothermal well drilling rig for Ethiopian geothermal energy development project was successfully delivered.

In 2019, Kerui Petroleum obtained the geothermal energy development project of Ethiopian National Power Corporation, which is also the largest development project in the Ethiopian geothermal energy field. After the project is completed, it will meet the local electricity demand for life and industry in Ethiopia.

The geothermal well drilling rig is independently developed and manufactured by Kerui Petroleum. It has the advantages of automation and integration. It can meet the drilling requirements of multiple resources such as oil, natural gas and geothermal, and adapt to the process requirements of mud drilling, air drilling and foam drilling, and the rig is equipped with equipment including logging, cementing, directional, gas testing, etc. Fully combined with the local working conditions and customer needs, the whole rig design can meet the guide rail sliding movement, modular transportation, and derrick integral rapid haulage; the stepping guide rail pushing system can realize a single-row multi-well cluster well drilling operations. Meanwhile, it is equipped with a derrick trailer that meets the overall movement of the derrick, a high-voltage room that can achieve power extraction from the industrial power grid, Pipe Racking System, power elevators, iron drillers and other automation equipment, which maximizes operational efficiency and safety.

Up to now, the second set of geothermal well drilling rig of the project has been completed installation and will be sent to the Ethiopian project site after commissioning acceptance.