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Make your dream of career come true

Broader platform: 5 position sequences, 2 markets, 10 oil service fields to help realize your career dreams.
Faster promotion: We abandon age, relationship, seniority and other traditional employment standards, entrust talented and knowledgeable persons with actual combat capability, objective performance and development potential. Let’s move forward and create brilliancy together.
More exercise: More challenging senior executive positions, oil service technical positions in world frontier, and development platform that occupying other country's market, etc. Just bring your ability, potential and confidence, leave the stage to us.


Providing global working opportunity

We have subsidiaries in 57 countries and regions, like developed North America, Middle East of abundant oil and gas, mysterious South America, Russian of vast territory, wild Africa, potential Southeast Asia, etc. Opportunity of global working is at hand. Working in a foreign country is a choice of life, a manifestation of personal strength, an upgrade of comprehensive vision. You choose to go abroad, and we implement it. In KERUI, going out is just like going abroad.


Make your dream of fortune come true

We believe that the greatest saving is using competent people with high salaries, and the biggest waste is using mediocre with low salaries. We think like this and implement like this. Providing industry-competitive salaries, establishing a sound social security benefits, providing tempting project incentives, implementing mid-and-long term options and stock incentive...


Feel the love of company

We construct residential departments in core areas for employees to purchase at a low cost and find the warmth of home!
We have established charity fund for employees to feel the warmth of the organization in the face of difficulties. Drink to celebrate our victory, and prepare to die to our rescue.
We did not forget the trials and hardships together with the staff who will be granted to be the tenured employees. What changes is the flexibility of work, and what remains the same is the emotion and salary!
We attach great importance to the growth of new employees, for new employees bearing the happiness of families and the future of KERUI!