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Salary and welfare

Career Development, We Provide a Platform for You To Showcase Themselves

We treat employees equally without discrimination. No matter what position you are in, what kind of profession you are, we are committed to providing more opportunities to compete with others on the same stage, through a fair, open and just employment system, so make the competent person “achieve career and successful development.


    Six insurances and one fund (five social insurances, group life accident insurance, housing accumulation fund), free shuttle, free meal, free physical examination, communication allowance, transportation allowance, vacation with pay, convalescent tour, purchasing house with low price, hotel service apartment
    tourism for the outstanding staff Kerui group always adhering to the management philosophy that “hard-workers are the most valuable treasure of the enterprise ", awarded annually a large number of outstanding staff, and organizing tourism for them, to increase the employee’s sense of ownership and honor. Kerui solidifies the outstanding staff travel as a normal activities, creating the atmosphere of striving to be excellent, which promotes the construction of spiritual civilization of the enterprise.


    Basic salary, service standing salary, post salary, skill allowance, travel abroad allowance, construction allowance, “golden idea” award, project prizes, year-end bonus, stock option grant, stock encouraging.


    Beneficent funds, holiday gifts, birthday care, wedding gift, entry anniversary care, fun activities series, caring the employee’s family, allowance for visiting family
    Caring for the family member of Chinese staff abroad Kerui adhering to the concept of "hard-workers are the most valuable treasure of the enterprise”, offering the treatment based on the responsibility, offering the remuneration based on the contribution, sets a perfect salary and welfare system. With the implementation of talent internationalization, brand globalization strategy, Kerui has nearly a thousand employees working abroad all around the world, the management layers always keep the life of family members of employees as well as the employees themselves in mind. Every Mid Autumn Festival, Spring Festival, the company will send holiday greetings to the families of diplomatic staff with concern and love, gifts including the Mid Autumn Festival moon cakes, consolation letters and holiday consolation money for their parents.