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Kerui sticks to the concept of “Better Service, Higher Quality; Technology Leading the Future”, insists on customer-centering and market-guidance, endeavors to achieve more efficient in oil & gas extraction to do its continuous efforts for the world energy.
Kerui is committed to building a transparent and open environment for business cooperation, looking for quality partners and jointly explore the international market, to respect and protect the common interests of suppliers .

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Complaint and Advice

If you find KERUI employees, purchasing organizations, suppliers, the following problems in procurement operations, including but not limited to bribes, kickbacks, commissions, association, fraud, fraud, embezzlement, use of company resources and for personal gain, and If you participate in the bidding process by KERUI Petroleumunfair, unjust situations, such as marginalized, and so misguided

By using the following e-mail, telephone or fax timely feedback to the Audit Supervision:


All information reported, based on the "permanent confidentiality, informed smallest range" principle. Investigation, for the reporting units, and informants report content will be kept strictly confidential.