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China’s First Integrated Fully-Hydraulic Drilling Rig Made by Kerui

Tiempo:2015.12.31       Tráfico:

Kerui Group’s hydraulic drilling rig KY720 was officially offline recently, China’s first fully-hydraulic mobile drilling rig integrated with automated wellhead tools, fast moving capability, fully hydraulic drive and compact structure.

Hydraulic drilling rigs are mainly used in the development of shallow oil and gas resources. Those resources are mostly located in mountainous areas, making it difficult for cluster well drilling, equipment relocation, automation and drilling cost control, etc. KY720 is completely suitable for the exploitation of shallow resources, which has focused on solving problems such as equipment relocation in the process of drilling.

According to KY720 R&D project teams, the drilling rig adopts an innovative design of power supply, overall structure and tool integration, on the basis of meeting 7 international and industry design standards. It has adopted fully hydraulic drive, world-leading diesel engine and transfer case gears, and load sensing system for power output and control. The KY720 realizes high speed of the power head while keeping the motor load low due to its optimized hydraulic system. In addition, the energy consumption is cut by 30%-40% and operators required from 8 to 3.    

KY720 has incorporated the state-of-the-art telescoping mast technology, dual-hydraulic cylinder, and wire rope feeding system, substantially optimizing the volume of the equipment for relocation and ensuring its high mobility. Meanwhile, the embedded power catwalk is of great significance in enhancing the level of safety and automation.