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Kerui oil radial drilling services market of Trinidad

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Recently, Corey oil radial drilling services play an active role in the South American nation of Trinidad and Tobago, as the world's second-largest oil and gas industry enterprises grasp radial drilling technologyin Trinidad and Tobago unconsolidated sandstone structural geologyborehole collapse easilyeasily formed injection drilling holes and other adverse conditionsCorey unique oil with advanced technology and rich experience in construction, construction services high efficiencyfast response to customers than expected commercial valuehighly recognized by customersNews revealed that at present Kerui Petroleum has completed four wells in Trinidad and Tobago market stimulationthe four wells in operation, to produce an average yield more than 300% of respondents beautifulwhich is the first well Nissan increased from 8 to 42 barrels a barrelyield significant results in the local market to establish Kerui Petroleum radial drilling technology services industry-leading benchmark.


With advanced technology and service differentiation to win customers, winning Trinidad and Tobago market


According to the executive director of the Houston Technology Kerui Petroleum introduction Liu Haiyan, Trinidad and Tobago radial drilling project began negotiations in July 2014, when the special multi-client has also been considering the introduction of an additional radial drilling technology services company R company for its services, but After comprehensive comparison, fair competition as well as careful evaluation, Corina oil service attitude fast response, reliable equipment and technology, higher cost and open, responsible business spirit to get the customer's favor, eventually reached a cooperation. For Corey of oil, Trinidad and Tobago and South American markets radial drilling services demand increase, many local customers have expectations for radial drilling stimulation. Trinidad and Tobago to enter the market, no doubt for Corey radial drilling services to a broader expanse of the South American and the global market provides a good opportunity.

In fact, Corey oil marketing network all over the world market, with 57 sales, after-sales and service branches in the vast Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Russia, etc., as Corey said branches around the world to build oil jobs fortress, for the business, including expanding radial drilling services offers a unique differential advantage, but also in other radial drilling service companies do not have the global competitiveness.
On the other hand, Corey oil as the world's second home with radial drilling equipment and downhole tools research and development, manufacturing, and radial drilling services for the integrated enterprise, has a complete laboratory experimental techniques and radial drilling technology 9 latest patent , developed the world's first rotary radial jet nozzle and supporting downhole drilling tools. The spinning nozzle and supporting the successful development of downhole tools, innovative solution to the common nozzle for hard formations such as limestone, dolomite strata and coal bed methane construction problems. While technical support, Corey oil experienced geologists, reservoir specialists to provide strong support to the families and integrated oil and gas development of value-added services, while at the device level, Corey oil radial drilling equipment is currently in the industry the latest equipment, the application of the most advanced technology in the industry, compared with competitors, at least seven or eight years ahead of its time, especially in the control, data acquisition systems, IT and computer intelligent control, Corey oil has the absolute leader Advantage.