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Brilliance of private oil enterprise shining on the silk road-one belt and one road strategy

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Kerui Petroleum is a well-known private enterprise in the petroleum industry in China, with its headquarters in Dongying at the estuary of Yellow River, Eastern Shandong Province. Under the magical land is passionate surging oil sea. Oil pumping facilities on the Shengli Oil Field are crossed, pumping the underground treasures onto the ground day and night, which are shipped all over China and even the world though gathering and transportation pipelines and tankers. First come, first served. Kerui Petroleum has grown quickly relying on Shengli Oil Field, a precious land and held a front position of business operation globally with China acting as the strategic throat.

Established in 2001 and with 14 years of efforts, Kerui Petroleum has become a large enterprise groups which integrates such three major businesses as field equipment manufacturing, oil field ground engineering constructing and oil filed services into one and expands into non-conventional energy fields. With more than 10,000 staff and the branches set in 57 countries, it is the most internationalized private enterprise in the petroleum industry in China. Among the sales employees all over the globe, more than 50% are foreigners; Kerui Petroleum has the biggest petroleum equipment industry park in Asia, with such numerous oil field equipment products as well drilling and repairing, compressors, special vehicles for oil fields, well mouth and well control, oil and gas gathering and transferring and collection and shaft tools, which makes it an enterprise with the most complete product chain among private enterprises in the oil-gas industry in China. Among the products, nitrogen production increase equipment is successfully developed through the globally advanced technology independently developed by Kerui Petroleum. As a global enterprise, Kerui Petroleum was put in the list of Top 100 of general trade and export enterprises in China in the first half year 2004 and the list of top 500 of China's foreign trade enterprises in 2004. 70% of Kerui Petroleum’s sales revenues came from overseas markets. Kerui Petroleum is showing an increasingly eye-catching demeanor in the speeding global economic integration trend to the world. Under the guidance of brand positioning of a comprehensive oil-gas solution leader around the globe, Kerui Petroleum gets more involved in business cooperation in the oil-gas industry.

In 2013, China proposed the one belt and one road strategy to the world. Such proposal by the High Level in China was of strategic importance for our modernization construction and leader status standing out in the world. The one belt and one road strategy makes the economic belt of Silk Road and the 21st century Maritime Silk Road the strategic centers, opening up new opportunities for complementing each other’s advantages and opening up and development along the line and providing new international cooperation platforms. Directed by the national strategies, Kerui Petroleum seized the strategy opportunity period to honestly fulfill the national strategy will on the wide land of the one belt and one road, striving to make a difference in the development of national economy along the line.

I. One belt and one road, a private enterprise’s development road 

Kerui Petroleum has sales branches in 57 countries all over the globe, nearly 20 of which are covered by the one belt and road economic circle. Based on these sales branches as fortress, Kerui Petroleum is vigorously promoting in-depth cooperation with countries along the one belt and one road.

Kerui Petroleum’s vision is to build joint venture assembly factories, refinery plants, EPC gas supply stations, equipment maintenance stations, oil-gas development training centers, equipment renting exchange agencies, etc. in the localities in the framework of national cooperation or enterprise cooperation in virtue of the pull of the one belt and one road strategy. It also conceives to realize the exchange of services and engineering with oil and gas on condition that both sides think it fit, to substantially cooperate practically based on both sides’ needs and to provide necessary support in respect of product purchase financing and project cooperation financing.

Virtually, Kerui Petroleum began to march towards the above levels firmly in 2014. On the economic belt of Silk Road, Kerui Petroleum cooperated with Uzbekistan, Russia, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, many countries in the Middle East and lots of countries in Eastern Europe to varying degrees. In Russia market, Kerui Petroleum’s alpine drilling machines were warmly welcome by the local market. They accommodated to the local drilling and exploiting environment completely and presented excellence, winning customers’ recognition. Meanwhile, compressors that can work efficiently in the ultra-low temperature environment also entered into the Russia market. In Pakistan, Kerui Petroleum is constructing large-scale ground works while in turkey, it obtains the coiled tubing equipment sales contract; in the Middle East, Kerui Petroleum’s high-end rapid traverse drilling machines are widely applied in the desert oil fields and in Uzbekistan, it is uniting petroleum companies in other countries to boost the CNG project construction actively, widely praised by customers.

The above cooperation on the Silk Road was comprehensively promoted in 2014 with the help of the one belt and one road strategy. In these projects, on one hand, consensus was reached among countries and among governments with regard to the one belt and road strategy with both sides’ governments’ cooperation providing powerful support; on the other hand, enterprises positively caught and seized opportunities brought by the one belt and one road strategy, making use of their governments’ support policies to cooperate energetically, such as financing, plant building, serving and resources exchange, etc.. Both sides were open-minded and strengthened and pushed coordination vigorously with cooperation deepened as long as the work benefited the economic development and cooperation.

On the strategy platform of the 21st century Maritime Silk Road centered on the maritime countries’ cooperation. In 2014, Kerui Petroleum also made no small difference. First in Indonesia, much progress was made in large contracting shaft drilling and repairing service engineering by K2 Project Group of Kerui Petroleum. Despite this unfamiliar area for Indonesia where no data could be referenced during operation, Kerui Petroleum overcame all difficulties in the way relying on its innovative technologies and spent only 135 days completing the work soundly and quickly a famous international drilling company failed to complete within 325 days. It surpassed the competitor far behind in the five shaft drilling works, among which the deepest shaft is 5,386m rewriting the highest record of the drilling operation shaft depth on the land in Indonesia. Currently, the Project is still in progress; the Petroleum service team of Kerui Petroleum is deeply trusted by customers. In India, the pipeline project contract has been signed and was in active preparation for construction. Additionally, Kerui Petroleum also achieved a lot in Brunei, Thailand, Burma, Egypt, Sultan, Malaysia, Singapore and so on. Kerui Petroleum is striding forward steadily on the Maritime Silk Road with long-term strategic vision and practical style of work. Where it gives a glimpse, there is a variety of business opportunities.

One Belt and one road has become the development path of the private enterprise, Kerui Petroleum.

II. Cultural identity and sticking to the long-term development road supported by each other

During the course of globalization development, Kerui Petroleum attaches importance not only to business cooperation with countries along the line but to cultural exchanges, maintaining that more and deeper strategic cooperation relationships can be established in the economic level only after both sides have deeper knowledge of each other and know of each other’s cultures. Therefore, Kerui Petroleum makes efforts to strengthen the localization of staff in the countries along the one belt and one road, requiring the staff’s localization rate of no less than 60%. When Wang Bin, the Group Vice-president of Kerui Petroleum in charge of Uzbekistan market was interviewed by reporters of People’s Daily and other papers, he said that since Kerui Petroleum entered into Uzbekistan in 2008, friendly relationship between the two countries and high-level cooperation had been greatly beneficiary to the Company’ sales; the reasons for that were that on one hand, high levels in the governments and enterprises interacted and that on the other hand, Kerui Petroleum was willing to make friends with the local people and learn Uzbekistan culture; hence, we required at least more than half of staff in Kerui Petroleum’s Uzbekistan market were local people, which could help us integrate into the Uzbekistan locality and laid solid foundation for both sides’ better cooperation. 

Sakebova Alviya, a 24-year-old Uzbekistan young person, has been in the manager position. She can bid for her company at least once a month and at most five times a month. “Chinese colleagues have high professional skills and are friendly. I went to China and received training last year and felt that I learned much.”

In Indonesia, one key reason why Kerui Petroleum can succeed is that it greatly respects the employed local people and local partners. In cooperation, both sides can exchange and communicate ideas well, which further improves the work efficiency substantially. This is very different from the operations by other countries’ enterprises in Indonesia. The local people return the favor and contribute to Kerui Petroleum’ success.

While Kerui Petroleum works on the economic and cultural exchanges combining with the national one belt and one road strategy to make a difference in the economic development of the countries along the line, it also pays attention to the local environmental and ecological development. During the construction in Indonesia, Kerui Petroleum laid much emphasis on the establishment of HSE Management System up to the local standard and requirement, which was well received by the local government. In fact, Kerui Petroleum strictly follows the above management system for operation during construction all over the world.

The 21st century China is bringing the previous splendor back to the ancient Silk Road. One economic belt of Silk Road is rising again while a Maritime Silk Road is guiding the countries along the coast to give off prosperous and powerful rays of light.

Kerui Petroleum in the 21st century is setting its steps onto the path of restoring the brilliance of the ancient Silk Road! Its steps shine the rays of light of the Company’s earnest pursuit on the Silk Road.