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Kerui Petroleum enters the top 100 list

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On Aug 3 of local time, American Engineering News Record (ENR) issued the ranking of The Top 225 International Design Firms and 22 Chinese mainland firms entered the list. Of which, Petro China, China power, Kerui Petroleum are among the top 100. ENR is a trade news periodical belonging to American McGraw-Hill Construction and is the most authoritative scholarly journal in global engineering and construction.

The ranking is based on the oversea project revenue of the firm and indicates its international business development strength of the design firms. It is the authoritative one widely recognized in international engineering industry reflecting the development status of the international engineering market of the year in a rather comprehensive extent. It has high authority and wide influence and its status in engineering industry can compare with that of Fortune Top 500 Ranking in economic industry.



Kerui Petroleum is the only Chinese private firm of oil/gas industry which enters the ranking. It is a specialized, large-scale conglomerate. Its business includes equipment manufacturing, oilfield ground project construction and oilfield service and now is extending to non-conventional energy field. It has sale branches and 30 after-sales service offices in 60 countries. 70 % of its revenue comes from oversea market and it has become the most internationalized private enterprise in Chinese oil/gas industry.