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KERUI petroleum presents the 12th China (Dongying) international petroleum and petrochemical equipment an...

     Today, the 12th China (dongying) international petroleum and petrochemical equipment and technology exhibition was held. KERUI petroleum, with the R&D of high-end oil and gas equipment, oil and gas field stimulation solutions and integration services, comprehensive solutions for oil and gas energy engineering value chain, presents at the exhibition.

     KERUI petroleum has set up an efficient supply chain service platform for the global oil and gas industry, professional platform or trading service for idle equipment in global oil and gas industry, talent service experts and engineering technology think tank in the field of oil and gas field, and opened up “a new silk road" of Internet plus in the vertical field of oil and gas energy integrating equipment, technology, service and talents.

     Efficient supply chain service platform for the global oil and gas industry provides customers with products, technology, platforms, big data, supply chain finance, warehousing logistics and other ecological services, commits to continuously reduce the cost of the industry and improve the efficiency.

     Professional platform or trading service for idle equipment in global oil and gas industry, based on “industry + Internet” thinking and sharing economic characteristics, provides including resources integration, scheme optimization, export trade services, technical support for idle equipment of the global oil and gas field, and provides technical + sharing + services + Internet” mode of one-stop trading and shared services solutions for customers and supplier.

     The drilling and workover rigs, compressor equipment, membrane separation nitrogen generation equipment, high-end wellhead equipment and other high-end oil and gas equipment of KERUI petroleum make an amazing appearance.

     Msw-i mud line suspension wellhead system can complete drilling and production at a depth of about 150 meters in seawater, and can be connected back to the platform for well completion. The system realizes the pressure control and pressure relief during underwater drilling by sealing and hanging the casing of each layer at the mud line. It has the characteristics of simple design, rapid installation and high safety, and can replace the deepwater wellhead in shallow water mining. The research and development of this system has filled the blank in the field of mud line suspension technology in China's underwater oil and gas exploitation.

     The 90k marine electric driven, explosion-proof, liquid nitrogen pump skid, which is showed in this echibition, using the domestic initiative electric heating liquid nitrogen gasification technology, through the digital intelligent control, according to the heating power regulating nitrogen temperature accurately, implemented the switch between gasification and heating in the electric heating and ocean platform heating resource, improved energy efficiency, greatly reduced the operation cost the customer.

     The single-barrel three-well wellhead, suitable for small space operations on land and offshore platforms, is widely used in multi-layer oil (gas) fields with abundant oil storage, which is convenient for layered mining and enhancing oil recovery.

     The pressure pump accessories developed and manufactured by KERUI are made of forged aviation aluminum alloy material. The service life of the pump head body is effectively increased by 50% with the strengthening process, self-enhanced process and the hydraulic end of the G type spring support structure which is newly developed by KERUI.

     KERUI petroleum makes great efforts for many years on the road of internationalization in the oil and gas field and keeps practicing "One Belt And One Road" initiative and "going out" strategy. At present, KERUI has set up branches in 57 countries and regions in the whole world, and in all the way along the 46 producers realize business, to provide equipment product petroleum technology service of oil and gas engineering construction and talent cultivation of all-round service KERUI established strategic cooperative relations with Russian, Brazil, Pakistan, Indonesia, Ukraine and other 20 countries’ oil ministry and national oil company; Joint venture with Schlumberger, a fortune global 500 company, to establish the world's top artificial intelligence production equipment manufacturing base; The university of Calgary (Beijing) unconventional oil and gas technology development center was established in collaboration with university of Calgary in Canada.

     Over the years, with high quality products, good reputation and perfect global service system, KERUI petroleum’s brand awareness and influence gradually improved. And KERUI petroleum was selected for the list of “Top 500 private enterprises in China”, “China's top 100 transnational corporations with sales revenue from OFDI” and other honors. It is worth mentioning that American’s <engineering news record >(or ENR for short) has reveal “the top 225 international engineering design companies”, “the world's largest 250 international contractors” list in 2019, KERUI petroleum makes a list, as one of the few double listed Chinese enterprises.

     In the future, KERUI petroleum will introduce more new products, technologies and services and help customers to be continuously successful and help the oil and gas industry develop and progress.