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KERUI Petroleum produces the world’s first double-phase medium compressor unit!

      Recently, KERUI Petroleum produced the world’s first double-phase medium compressor unit, which has passed the customer acceptance and was delivered to an oil field block in Karamay for oil stimulation by gas injection in deep and ultra-deep wells. This set of units has broken the highest record of reciprocating compressor discharge pressure in oil and gas fields at home and abroad, making China achieve a leading level in the world on the design and manufacture of reciprocating compressors.

      As the oil and gas exploration needs to explore into deep formations, deep well drilling is demanded more. The Karamay oilfield is the main replacement for China's oil production. It has abundant oil and gas resources, but its average burial depth is over 7,000 meters, and its geological structure is complex, with ultra-deep depth, ultra-high pressure and ultra-high temperature. The oil and gas exploration is becoming more and more difficult with deeper exploration, which demands high-advanced equipment and technic requirements. Particularly, a type of supercharging equipment, with exchanging between nitrogen and sour gas, large displacement ,heavy pressure, can play a key role on oil reservoir exploitation in Xinjiang.

      With deep technical accumulation and practical experience, adapting to local well conditions and harsh working environment, KERUI Petroleum R&D team solved many technical difficulties such as the high frequency airflow pulsation, dynamic vibration, hydrogen sulfide gas corrosion of the compressor group under high pressure and large displacement. This type of equipment has many advantages, such as the exhaust pressure up to 70MPa, with displacement of 2000Nm3 / h, achieving nitrogen, high-sulfur natural gas dual medium conversion, thus filling the gap of international technology; with intelligent integrated control system, high degree of automation, remote control, realizing open and flexible system interconnection, and facilitating automatic information integration. The temperature difference between 30°C and 50°C is fully adapted to the operation requirements of multi-working conditions in Xinjiang. The equipment can meet the 6,000-hour fault-free running in a year with its high stability.

      For these more than ten years, KERUI Petroleum understand and grasp the development law of the oil industry, pursuing high-quality product, constantly optimizing and exploring unique cutting-edge technologies and management methods , and provide products and service for customers with superior quality, leading technology and low cost. Now the new equipment , 2000Nm3/h 70MPa dual-media reciprocating compressor unit successfully inherited more than ten years of research and development application experience of KERUI Petroleum, and it greatly guarantees technical continuity and product reliability.

      As the increasing demand for deep and ultra-deep well exploration in the world, as a global professional oil and gas nitrogen equipment and compressor integrated solution provider, KERUI Petroleum is fully responsible for providing comprehensive technical solutions and high-quality intelligent equipment. In the future, KERUI Petroleum will continue to provide intelligent oil and gas equipment, adding momentum to the global oil and gas energy sector, making oil and natural gas more efficient!