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KERUI Petroleum unveiled in 2019 China (karamay) International Oil & Natural Gas Petrochemical Technology...

      Recently, 2019 China (karamay) International Oil & Natural Gas Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition formally opened in Karamay city of Xinjiang Province, more than 300 well-known enterprises of over 20 countries and regions from the United States, Germany, Sweden, Russia etc. came to the exhibition which was focused on displaying the latest technology of petroleum and petrochemical industry at home and abroad and equipment manufacturing industry results. With the theme of "More efficient in oil & gas extraction", KERUI petroleum brought high-end petroleum equipment and made wonderful presentation at the exhibition.

      The low-temperature 750HP truck-mounted workover rig on display was attracted much attention of a large number of professional audiences and medias. The equipment had both drilling and workover functions, with drilling depth of up to 3,000 meters and workover depth of up to 8,000 meters, which had the features of highly integration, reliable performance, greatly off-road capability, low operation and mobilization costs, and it can meet the requirements of desert, cold, rain forest, plateau and other complex environment, under normal operation with the temperature of -45℃~ 55℃.

      Xinjiang is the critical position of KERUI petroleum in China. As early as 2004, Xinjiang Branch of KERUI Petroleum was established as a transit hub between China and central Asia. With more than ten years of deep development, KERUI Petroleum achieved great success and results in Xinjiang, Successfully and successively developing multiple businesses such as drilling, workover, fracturing, coiled tubing, compressor, etc. More than 100 sets equipment of KERUI served the first line of oil production site as Tahe, Tarim, Tuha, Karamay, etc., promoting oil and gas energy development of Xinjiang.