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KERUI PETROLEUM successfully delivered a high powerful gas compressor unit to the client in Ghana

     Recently, KERUI PETROLEUM completed the production of the flow control gas reciprocating compressor ,and delivered to the client in Ghana, the compressor will be applied to the construction of a pressurized gas processing station in the Takoradi area of Ghana. 

     Considering the local operating conditions, KERUI’s compressor development team adopted a more flexible solution.Combined with the way of engine speed regulation and unit reflux regulation, the flow of the unit can be controlled at the same time, so that the unit can achieve stepless regulation within the flow range of 30-180mm SCFD. It makes the compressor more suitable for the upstream and downstream pressure difference and also reduce energy consumption, so that can help clients save operating costs.

     KERUI PETROLEUM has been seeking to provide customers with reliable oil and gas field intelligent equipment and solutions to help customers succeed.