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KERUI Petroleum Self-innovate Russian Low Temperature Drilling Rig Phase I Project Successful Delivery

     Recently, KERUI Petroleum customized two sets intelligent low temperature drilling rigs for Russian C clients start shipping. This low temperature drilling rig is developed and manufactured independently by KERUI Petroleum, it is more intelligent and integrated than standard land drilling rig. According to Russian -45℃ enormously cold environment, the rig is comprehensive optimized, extensive use of new material, new process, and use low temperature material plus spot heating and insulation to make sure critical load bearing components are safer.  In the meantime, equipped with special engineering heavy load automobile chassis, highly integrated, strong power, can drive in snow and mud road condition for fast moving, perfectly meet the Russian oil field harsh environment working condition.

     In the middle of this year, KERUI Petroleum successfully win 4 sets of low temperature intelligent drilling rig project from this client. From design, material procurement till manufacture and the whole process quality control, KERUI Petroleum shows professional project delivery ability and gain the client’s trust. C client have given new low temperature drilling rig order.

     Till now, KERUI Petroleum Russian low temperature drilling rig manufacture is going on in full swing.