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The 1200 cubic meters of arctic membrane separation nitrogen generation unit developed by KERUI PETROLEUM...

    Recently, KERUI PETROLEUM has successfully obtain an order for a large Russian oil service company’s 1200 cubic meters of arctic membrane separation nitrogen generation unit. The unit is expected to be shipped by the middle of next year. It will provide strong equipment support for the stable production and development of local low-temperature oil and gas fields.

     In the process of oil and gas development, nitrogen equipment is required for many operations, so to improve the efficiency of nitrogen equipment and control the cost will make a great significance for oil and gas development. Instead of a two-car or double-pry design, KERUI PETROLEUM developed its own nitrogen equipment by make the air compressor and the nitrogen compressor drives by the same engine. The equipment can help the customer reduce the facility cost, and greatly save the operating space also, it makes the nitrogen separating more speed, more efficient, more safe and convenient. The operation interface is compatible with Chinese English and Russian. The unit can reduce the operation difficult and save the operation cost by one-key startup and the remote monitoring and storage of the whole life cycle. Furthermore, the R&D team of KERUI PETROLEUM innovatively added low-temperature starting device, insulation device and space heating device to the core components of the equipment to adapt the extremely cold environment of -45℃.

     Up to now, there are lots of KERUI PETROLEUM’s nitrogen equipment are operating in Russia's major oil fields.