• the first

    petroleum drilling rig basic theory training

    Main contents:rig struction composition,working principle, operation approach and maintenance.
    Training method: Give lessons in classroom and site visit;

  • second

    rig installation simulation training

    Main contents:connection and installation of all rig parts and systems,rasing of mast and substructures.
    Training method: take 2000HP electrical drive drilling rig as example,give lessons and simulation show.

  • third

    drilling rig simulation and operation training

    Main contents: normal drilling process and handling of downhole accidents.
    Training method: simulation and teaching rig operation.

  • fourth

    well site health,safety and environment management and well control training

    Main contents:HSE management,site first aid, well site fire-fighting, operation and maintenance of well control equipment.
    Training method: give lessons in classroom.